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This initiative aims to increase transparency and awareness in the design and implementation of all elements of spas and wellness facilities involving thermal and wet treatments. It is our aim to improve the education of those working in these areas so they can best advise guests on the most beneficial way to use the features and to help therapists and specialists in other fields understand and effectively advise the use of these features to further benefit the health and wellness of their clients.

COVID-19 Related Studies & Guidelines

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Considerations for Public Pools, Hot Tubs, and Water Playgrounds During COVID-19
Design for Leisure: COVID-19: Hygiene and Cleaning Tips for Hydrothermal Areas
Dr. Marc Cohen: Turning up the heat on COVID-19: heat as a therapeutic intervention
Dornbracht Insights: Strengthen the immune system with water therapy
Initiative Whitepaper: Hydromassage in Today’s “No-Touch” Normal: Opportunities & Benefits


Hydro-thermal therapies reduce the risk of chronic disease and boost the immune system’s ability to resist viral infections – An evidence based discussion paper.

This position paper has been prepared to express and demonstrate why hydrothermal experiences should play an important active role in this time of global pandemic. It was written by Professor Marc Cohen in collaboration with members of the Global Wellness Institute Hydrothermal Initiative and members of the Hot Springs Initiative. Professor Marc Cohen is one of the founding members of the Hot Springs Initiative. Thank you Marc and all contributors including the authors of the many reference papers.

We encourage discussion, comments and correspondence on this topic and ask that you direct your thoughts to Professor Cohen at [email protected]



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