Hormonal Wellness Initiative Trends

2023 Trends

TREND 1: Andropause will be bigger (and badder) than menopause

TREND 2: Menopause (and Andropause) are non-binary issues

TREND 3: Exercise regimes determined by hormonal status

TREND 4: Hormone balancing foods

TREND 5: The use of circadian rhythm science to help menopausal sleep disturbance


2022 Trends

TREND 1: Acupuncture to be Recognized as Ameliorating Symptoms of Menopause

TREND 2: Phyto-estrogens Overtake Synthetics as a Therapy of Choice

TREND 3: The Incidence of Quality Research Increases

TREND 4: Standards Improve

TREND 5: Menopausal Women Get Comfortable in their Own Skin

TREND 6: Relevant Marketing Messages Normalize Ageing


2021 Trends

TREND 1: Declining Searches for “Hormonal Replacement Therapy”

TREND 2: Searches for “Menopause” and “Wellness” on the Rise

TREND 3: Consumers Demand Help and Information

TREND 4: Occupational Support

TREND 5: Medical and Wellness Professionals Are Challenged to Offer Solutions, Not Just a Diagnosis


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