Hormonal Wellness Initiative

2023 Trends

The Hormonal Wellness Initiative seeks to perform active research leading to hormonal wellness education and protocols. The world of hormonal wellness is getting wider—and more inclusive—and this important initiative is predicting trends that impact men and new discussions on non-binary issues.

TREND 1: Andropause will be bigger (and badder) than menopause

2023 saw the UK government refuse to allow menopausal women protected status in the workplace via equality legislation. The reason? It could lead to discrimination against men.

Many of the arguments for managing menopause as an occupational issue center around the cost to organizations of replacing women for whom the workplace is no longer friendly. The exodus of men from the workplace, is, by any measure, currently more costly than that of their female colleagues. Add to this the significant health effects, both physical and mental, of andropause and a 2023 trend is born.

TREND 2: Menopause (and Andropause) are non-binary issues

2023 will herald an acceptance of hormonal change as a non-binary issue, requiring a greater understanding of hormone therapies and the impact of changed levels in all.

TREND 3: Exercise regimes determined by hormonal status

Personalized hormonal medicine will come to the gym, where individualized health and wellness programs are changing how we approach exercise.

TREND 4: Hormone balancing foods

Manufactured foods will be promoted as hormone balancing in the same way as supplements. 

TREND 5: The use of circadian rhythm science to help menopausal sleep disturbance

Sleep and menopause are interlinked; many menopausal and perimenopausal women report sleep disturbances. 2023 will see the inclusion of circadian rhythm science alongside menopause therapies and medicines,  leading to improved sleep for all genders.