2024 Trends

TREND 1: Slow Breathing is a Fast and Effective Tool for Stress Reduction

TREND 2: Nasal Breathing Helps Prevent Pathogen Inhalation

TREND 3: Nasal Breathing is Key for Optimal Sleep

TREND 4: Mindful Breath is an Immediate Antidote to Digital Overwhelm

TREND 5: Health/Gut Connection Helps Digestion

2023 Trends

TREND 1: Nasal Breathing & Mouth Tape: Bringing Relief for Asthma and Sleep Apnea

TREND 2: Mindful Breath Does More than Just Keep You Alive–It Helps Prevent Disease

TREND 3: Breath Practices Receive Warm Welcome in the Workplace

TREND 4: Tapping into Breath for Mental Health & Emotional Control

TREND 5: Breath is an Underutilized Human Superpower


2022 Trends

Dr. Litchfield: Breath May Seem Simple But the Psychophysiology is Profound

Nick Heath: Breathwork is an Accessible & Effective Add-On Therapy for Diabetes Management

Nevsah: Breathwork is Preventative & Healing and Accessible to All

2021 Trends

TREND 1: BREATH: There’s an app for that!

TREND 2: BREATH for High Performance and Adrenaline Boost

TREND 3: Getting High on BREATH

TREND 4: BREATH is free, but it’s being productized.

TREND 5: BREATH is no longer woo-woo; it’s neuroscience.