Aesthetic Health Initiative Trends

2022 Trends

TREND 1: Defining the Arts & Sciences of Aesthetic Health Paints a Picture of Overall Wellness

TREND 2: Walking the Path to Good Health: How our Aesthetic Health Is Impacted by our Environment

TREND 3: The Future of Work: Establishing Aesthetic Health Guidelines for Practitioners

TREND 4: Identifying How Beauty Practices and Procedures Affect Our Health

TREND 5: Defined Beauty Holds Real and Needed Social Considerations in Our World: It’s Not Just About the Way You Look to Other People

TREND 6: The Psychology of Appearance and Aesthetic Health: Considering the Behavioral, Cognitive, & Biopsychological (Neurological) Considerations; How you feel about the way you look and what you are looking at influences how you feel overall.

TREND 7: Spiritual Beauty: As Sensed, It’s Much More than Meets the Eye