“A World Where Wellbeing Is a Priority in all Workplaces”

The First World Workplace Wellbeing Online Summit
Covering Trends, Insights, Case Studies & Thought Leaders

Recently, the Global Wellness Institute’s Workplace Wellbeing Initiative organized a 24-hour online Summit covering the trends, insights, case studies and thought leaders shaping workplace wellness around the world. In case you missed it live, all sessions were recorded and are now available free of charge for all. Just link on the title to watch the video.

Wellness Defined (including 2024 trends and the future of work)
Gloria Treister, Nuzhad Chagan

Human Centered Leadership
Danielle Posa, Renee Moorefield, Denise Bober

Up-to-date Workplace Wellbeing Research from GWI
Katherine Johnston, Tonia Callender

People, Planet, Profit
Elizabeth Bachrad, Rachael Riggs, Joana Kebss

Cultivating Deeper Connection and Purpose in the Workplace
Jessica Grossmeier, Danielle Posa, Sarah Vaughan, Sarah Gravely, Sylvia Greenley

Supporting Cancer in the Workplace
Julie Bach, Sally Wolf

Digital Wellbeing: Increasing Technostress Resilience & Productivity JOIN
Nina Hersher

Psychological Health and Safety
Laura Putnam, Nick Bracks, Eric Michrowski

Grief in the Workplace
Joana Kebss, Margo Fowkes, Rachel Baldi, Che Marville

Happiness & the Application of Positive Psychology in Workplaces
Luis Gallardo, Sarah Gravely

Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine in the Workplace
Wallace Nichols, Eileen Benwitt, Joana Kebss

Future Proofing Organizational & Employee Well-Being In The Era of Longevity
Lisa Kelly, Marc Michaelson

Family Wellbeing/Care, Ageing Parents, Parenting
Dr Michelle Woolhouse, John Toomey

Mindfulness Based Leadership
Dr Keren Tsuk

A Perspective on Building Robust Mental Wellbeing
John Toomey

Workplace Bullying
Jessica Hickman

Burnout Prevention & Resilience
Cara de Lange, Sally McGrath

Developing a Digital Wellness Platform for Your Business
Alina Grozescu

Deborah Garlick, Dr Michelle Woolhouse

Healthy Buildings and Workplace Environments
Whitney Austin Gray, Valentina Cereda, Joana Kebss

Financial Wellbeing for Employees
Justine Piercy, Ryan Briggs, Nuzhad Chagan

Chief Wellbeing/Happiness Officer
Karen Guggenheim

Health and Wellness Coaching in the Workplace
Darrell Rogers, Ellen Kocher

Empowering Wellbeing and Performance in the Workplace
Jessica Cygan, Max Van Eijk, James Hewitt, Kerry Marchment

GWI World Workplace Summit 2023 – YouTube Playlist

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