The Workplace Wellbeing Real Talk Series, 2022

The Workplace Wellbeing Real Talk series was developed in order to foster an authentic dialogue around sensitive workplace issues – and help organizations understand the real stories behind the statistics we see in various workplace-related reports. In short, we created this series to humanize workplace wellbeing.

Burnout at the Leadership Level

What it looks and feels like, the sources of it, how to overcome it, and what organizations can do to prevent it from happening to their employees.

The Reality of the Chief Wellbeing Officer

In this Global Wellness Institute Workplace Wellbeing Initiative webinar, Nuz Chagan, Head of Wellbeing Strategy at Govox Wellbeing and leader of Let’s Improve Workplace Wellbeing CIC, interviews Hannah Pearsall, Head of Wellbeing at Hays, and Talya Landau, Global Wellbeing Lead from Wix.

They discuss what the role of Chief Wellbeing Officer in today’s climate entails, the characteristics, qualities and experience that need to be focused on to recruit a successful CWO, what the demands and remit of a CWO are, and the impact of having a CWO. The CWO role may go by other titles such as Head of Workplace Wellbeing, Head of Employee Wellbeing Strategy, among others.

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