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Cold Dew, as usual, arrives after the National Day holiday, which means that the weather is getting colder and winter is coming soon.

Cooler wind and heavier dews

Cold Dew is the 17th solar terms of the year, as well as the fifth one in autumn. Since this solar term, the days are getting shorter while the nights are getting longer. With less sunshine and more chilly cold wind, the temperature changes a lot between day and night. You may feel slightly cold during morning and evening. 

The cooler weather and yellowing leaves both suggest that the autumn is drawing to a close. With the increasing temperature difference, the weather becomes cool and dry, which makes it easy to get sick. We should pay more attention to our diet and body care to spend autumn healthily.




Health Guide for Cold Dew

The northern deep-dyed serried woods presents a beautiful view while the southern silent cicadas and withering lotus are both symbols of the real colorful autumn. The Cold Dew coincides with the National Day and Double Ninth Festival, which is a proper time to climb the mountain and enjoy the autumn scenery. 

Accompanied by pleasant autumn wind and dews, you can climb mountains, appreciate chrysanthemums, sip tea, chant poems and do paintings with your friends, which not only can be elegant, but also can fully relax your body and mind in the vast nature. 

Although the autumn breeze is rustling, you can still feel the tranquility of autumn in this fine weather. The colorful woods show the ambiguous beauty of the change of seasons. 

 In fact, everything does not wither, but exists in a different way. 


Diet Guide for Cold Dew
Drink Cold Dew Soup 

Autumn is dry. According to the traditional Chinese medical science “Nourishing Yang in spring and summer; nourishing Yin in autumn and winter”, we should nourish Yin and prevent dryness, moisten our lungs and benefit the stomach. 

The cold dew has arrived, cook a bowl of “cold dew soup” for your family and bring your deepest wishes for good health. 

Ingredients: one piece of tremella, one snow pear, a little tendril-leaved fritillary bulb of Sichuan origin, rock sugar of right amount 

Step 1:Rinse the tremella several times with clean water, wash off the impurities and soak it again in water for 2 hours. 

Step 2:Add a small amount of water to the pot, tear the tremella into small pieces, put them in the pot and boil for 10 minutes on high fire. 

Step 3:Scrape off the skin of the snow pear and cut into suitable sized pieces. Use the wall breaker to pulverize the fritillary, or roll it with a rolling pin. 

Step 4:After the tremella is boiled, add the snow bear, fritillary powder and rock sugar of right amount into the pot. Continue to boil them for another 5 minutes and then turn off the heat. The Cold Dew Soup is done. 

 During this time, we should pay attention to the balanced diet and eat more sweet and light moisturizing food appropriately, which can not only supplement the spleen and stomach, but also nourish the lungs and intestines. Glutinous rice, sesame, honey and japonica rice, and some chickens, ducks and jujubes can improve our health. Eat less spicy food in order to stay away from disease and peacefully spend autumn. 

Customs of Cold Dew 

Enjoy the maple leaves 

Around cold dew, the pleasant climate is very suitable for climbing hills to enjoy the red leaves. The leaves seem to have drunk a mellow wine, and the forests are dyed, like the red haze on the horizon, dazzling the mountains. The vivid color adds a lot of vitality to this gradually depressed season. 



Keep in Good Health during Cold Dew

In the golden autumn, the weather turns cooler and nature enters a transitional phase of “Yang waning and Yin waxing”. Accordingly, the internal organs of the human body also follow the natural changes, so we shouldn’t let our body consume too much energy. It’s necessary to get up early and sleep early in autumn. Therefore, the way of keeping in good health during Cold Dew emphasizes “nourishing” 

 Nourish Yin and prevent dryness. The Cold Dew starts with less rain, dry weather, hot days and cold nights. From the perspective of TCM, the most distinctive feature of this solar term in the south is “extreme dryness”, which is most likely to hurt our lungs and stomach. During this period, our sweat evaporates faster, which often results in dry skin, increased wrinkles, parched mouth, cough with less sputum, and even hair loss. 

Moisten the lungs and benefit the stomachAccording to the TCM, the ancients matched four seasons to the Five Elements and the autumn corresponds to metal, which corresponds to the lungs of human viscera. The lungs should be kept moist, and the dry climate can easily lead to “lung fire”. So we should pay attention to moisten the lungs and prevent dryness in autumn. It is necessary to eat more foods that nourish Yin, moisten lungs and prevent dryness, such as lotus seeds, lilies, tremella, pumpkins, etc.  

 Besides, it is advisable to eat less spicy and baked food and more food that can nourish Yin, moisten dryness and benefit the stomach such as sesames, walnuts, tremella, radishes, tomatoes, lotus roots, milk, lilies, etc. 

Early to bed, early to rise 

When the weather gets cold, the number of patients suffering from cerebral thrombosis will increase. The reason is that people spend more time sleeping in the colder environment and people’s blood flow slows down during sleep, which is prone to forming thrombosis.  

 Keep warm 

The air is dry and cold and we should wear more to avoid catching cold. Remember to remind those you care about that the temperature difference between day and night is increasing, so it’s important to keep warm, especially to protect the shoulders, neck, waist, back and feet.

Keep your neck warm 

The neck is the main part of cold invasion, which can cause cough, cold and throat inflammation. Wearing a scarf can effectively keep your neck warm. It is advisable to often imitate the action of “turtle stretching neck”, stretching your neck back and forth, and then turning it left and right. 

Keep your waist warm 

The elderly are losing their Yang-Qi, and symptoms such as lumbar strain are easily aggravated by cold stimulation. The elderly may wear a vest when they go out in the morning and evening. In addition, the abdominal-back exercise and the squatting exercise both can keep waist and back warm. Rubbing either side of the small of the back with hot hands is also effective. 

 Keep your feet warm 

To keep your feet warm, besides wearing thick socks and cotton slippers, you can also use the time of watching TV at night, stand on tiptoe and then put it down, and repeat it until your forehead is slightly sweaty. After exercise, soak your feet with hot water, which can relax muscles and invigorate blood circulation and warm your whole body. 

Hope you take care in the cold and dewy day 

“It’s not cold when Cold Dew arrives and the real chill will come in Frost’s Descent.” During the late autumn, we should not only appreciate the change of four seasons, but learn the survival wisdom from the climate-sensitive flowers, birds, insects and animals, take advantage of the trend, nourish ourselves and get ready to improve.  

Only when the prosperity is exhausted can we see the truth, and life should be like this. Only through suffering can we see the warmth from people around us. During this period, may all the people in the world can nourish themselves and the ones they love.

October 23, Frost’s Descent 


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