New Research: Wellness Real Estate Market Doubles from 2017-2020–Reaching $275 Billion

Says GWI Research Team
By Beth McGroarty

The Global Wellness Institute today released new research on the wellness real estate market–and it reveals incredible recent growth.

  • The global market nearly doubled in 3 years: from $148 billion in 2017 to $275 billion in 2020. That’s 22% annual growth.
  • The pandemic further fueled growth: from 2019-2020, wellness real estate grew by over 22%, even as overall construction shrank by -2.5%.
  • The number of wellness-focused residential projects worldwide more than tripled: from 740 in 2017 to over 2,300 today.
  • The top 20 national markets for wellness real estate all show striking 3-year growth. Japan (360% growth) and Canada (240% growth) are standouts – and the US, China, UK, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Singapore, Norway, Italy and Finland all essentially doubled their markets.

The new report, Wellness Real Estate: Looking Beyond COVID-19, provides market data and growth rates for 2017-2019 and the pandemic year of 2019-2020 for every global region and the top 20 national markets—as well as forecasting trends that will define the market post-COVID.

As the researchers put it, COVID-19 forced us to see our homes and built environment in a whole new light, as the protectors of our very health and wellbeing. Wellness real estate is now quickly moving from elective to essential.

The press release is below and here.
Graphs are here.

If you would like to speak to the researchers or want the full report, just let me know.

All best,
Beth McGroarty
VP, Research, Global Wellness Institute
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