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Global Wellness Institute
Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium

The live event concluded on September 28
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The pandemic supercharged demand for “well” homes and communities. In response, the Global Wellness Institute, the nonprofit that issued ground-breaking research on this sector, held the first-ever event that takes a deep dive into this booming market. On September 28, top executives, real estate developers, investors, architects and select media examined the future of Wellness Real Estate & Communities from the highest-level perspective.

The Symposium offered a full day (8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. ET) of keynotes, panels and interactive discussions. Attendees were  among the first to have access to GWI’s new research on the current size of the sector, its projected growth, and the forces powering the market and movement for real estate and communities designed to support health and wellness.

Global Wellness Institute presents
Wellness Real Estate &
Communities Symposium

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The GWI’s Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium is the first event bringing together investors, developers, architects, designers and medical experts to discuss the future of this explosive market. We’ve created a special package that includes on-demand access to the full day of expert presentations plus a research portfolio that includes the GWI’s new report “Wellness Real Estate: Looking Beyond COVID-19”–very eye-opening new wellness real estate market size data and recent growth rates for every global region and the top 20 national markets—as well as forecasting key trends that will define this market post-COVID. Buy this special package for US $500.

Get an Insider’s Guide to Wellness Real Estate and Communities

Curated by Susie Ellis, this Insider’s Guide is the foremost resource of research, expert insights and industry data for anyone doing business in the growing Wellness Real Estate & Communities market. Including selected keynotes from a GWI Symposium held in New York in September 2021, this Guide is essential to ensure your project’s success in this booming market that has doubled from 2017 to 2020, reaching $275 billion. GWI’s new report “Wellness Real Estate: Looking Beyond COVID-19”, included with this package, reveals eye-opening new wellness real estate market size data, recent growth rates for every global region, the top 20 international markets as well as key emerging trends that will define this market post-COVID.
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The agenda featured experts addressing the hot topics in wellness real estate and communities, such as:

  • New research was presented throughout the day: GWI’s senior research fellows, Katherine Johnston and Ophelia Yeung, presented the market numbers for 2020.
  • The current US and global landscape and which markets are heating up
  • How new trends in technology and design hardware are being used to create smart-healthy homes and communities
  • What consumers are demanding
  • The cutting-edge developments with wellness programming. Are nature, human connection, green and regenerative living, or medical-wellness at their core?
  • How a work-from-home future will spur new developments that blur the line between home, work and wellness with new destinations and concepts
  • How hotel and wellness resort groups are zeroing in on a mixed hospitality and a wellness residence model
  • How wellness concepts are remaking retirement and senior living models
  • With a retail and office space downturn, what is the future of urban wellness developments?
  • Is a new wave of more affordable and inclusive wellness communities on the horizon, driven by forward-thinking governments, policymakers and developers?


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