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Among the 24 solar terms,
White Dew is the most poetic one.
Time, as if by magic,
makes the climate so pleasant.

The crystal dew begins to turn white; the breeze starts to cool from tonight

White Dew is the 15th solar term of this year and the third one in autumn. A Collective Interpretation of the Seventy-two Phenological terms said, “The ancients matched four seasons to the Five Elements. The autumn corresponds to metal, the color of which is white. Therefore, this solar term is called White Dew. After entering White Dew, a trace of coolness comes.”

In ancient times, there were three waiting periods of White Dew: the first one is the arrival of swan geese, the second is the return of swallows, and the third is the grain storage of birds.

White Dew is a symbol of the cooling weather. “Green reeds are thick and dense; Clear dews become frost thence.” From the first day of the White Dew on, with more and more dews, everything grows and matures.

Cherish the time and live up to the beauty

White Dew is one of the most poetic solar terms. The tranquil autumn is the best time for self-cultivation. A clump of grass blade, a stream of clouds, a wisp of haze, and an exuberant bodhi tree jointly paint the gorgeous picture of autumn scenery.

The arrival of White Dew means that the weather is getting cooler and no longer as muggy as summer. It is a good time to enjoy the splendid and beautiful landscape with friends. When you are ready to get in touch with nature, you will find that green mountains and rippling lakes are all good places to go.

Diet mainly strengthens the spleen and nourishes our body.

During White Dew, with less anxiety, people can feel the warmth and tranquility of autumn, which is one of the loveliest seasons of the year. At this time, the temperature drops gradually. Vapors in the air often condense into white dew on the grass and trees at night. As a result, air humidity decreases and “autumn dryness” appears.

Our lips, pharynges and nasal cavities are prone to be dry at this time. It is recommended to eat more foods that are mild, sweet and easily digestible, such as japonica rice, indica rice, corn, job’s tears, sweet potatoes, tofu and so on. In addition, drinking more water is essential, especially honey water and juice.

Homemade jujube and lily soup is recommended. The soup has the effect of restoring vital energy to our body and moistening our lungs.

Ingredients: 10 jujubes, 60g lilies, and the right amount of rock sugar.
Steps: Put the ingredients in the pot, add water, and then boil for 30-40 minutes.

Longan – The indispensable food of White Dew

Longan is an indispensable food on White Dew for local residents in Fuzhou, China.

According to popular belief, eating longan on White Dew has the effect of greatly tonifying our body. Longan can help reinforce the spleen, nourish the blood, and calm the nerves. Besides that, it is also a fruit for treating anemia, insomnia and neurasthenia.


Eating autumn pear to prevent dryness

In autumn, it is essential to take good care of our lungs and prevent dryness. Pears can moisturize dryness, relieve cough, and reduce inner heat. Eating pears can not only expel pathogenic heat but also remove phlegm.

However, children and the elderly should not eat too many pears because they are loaded with cold Yin energy. A good way to make pear soup is with rock sugar, which can both decrease the cold energy and enhance the effect of moisturizing dryness.


Put on more clothes in time

There is a folk saying, “White Dew is not a good term for model show,”which means that during the White Dew, we should put on more clothes in case of catching a cold. The temperature during the daytime is still nearly 30 degrees Celsius, while the temperature at night can drop to 20 degrees Celsius. Cold wind and autumn dryness will cause damage to our lungs, bones and muscles, which might result in rheumatism and gout. Therefore, do not wear shorts anymore. When you go to bed at night, do not forget to add a quilt to avoid catching a cold.

Soak feet in warm water

During White Dew, many people will feel cold inside the body, which indicates the deficiency of Kidney-Qi. A good way to ameliorate the symptom is to do a foot bath at night.


Some tips for those trying a foot bath for the first time:

  • Prepare enough water. As you soak your feet in the water, the whole ankle should be covered. The proper water temperature is 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Soak your feet until the body perspires slightly, but people with diabetes should pay particular attention to the water temperature.
  • After you are done with the footbath, you can massage your calf muscles to promote the Qi and blood circulation.

More outdoor exercise

In White Dew, all physiological functions of the human body are weakened. Proper exercise is necessary to increase cardiopulmonary function and increase the ability to resist cold.

Young people can run, play ball games, and climb mountains, while old people can walk, do Tai Chi, and jog. Mainly focus on moderate sweating without fatigue, which helps the Qi and blood regulation. After exercise, you can take a deep breath, close your eyes, and refresh yourself to regulate cardiopulmonary Qi and blood so as to maintain physical and mental health.

Set out to the distance with a poetic mind

Autumn Equinox comes after White Dew. It is the middle of autumn. The day and night are of equal length, and so are the cold and hot weather. On the Autumn Equinox Day, the Yin and Yang are in a balance of power and the weather is mild.

There are few clouds at the Autumn Equinox. The autumn river shares a scenic hue with the vast sky. It is the time for smelling the fragrance of osmanthus fragrans and enjoying the gentle breeze. What a pleasant mood in such a poetic season!

Photo By Lu Bo


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