Wellness at Work Initiative Collaboration: Leading in the Next Normal: Setting the Agenda to Thrive
Part 1: A Conversation about Leadership with VP’s at The Coca-Cola Company & Barilla

Every organization has been touched by the global pandemic and the deep unrest emerging in its wake. To help navigate our way through these uncertain times, the GWI’s Wellness at Work Initiative is hosting a three-part series on “Leading in the Next Normal: Creating the Agenda to Thrive.” These insightful forums discuss how wellness leaders can be positive change-makers in their organizations and communities.

In the first webinar, Renee Moorefield, chair of the Wellness at Work Initiative and CEO at Wisdom Works, interviewed Joan Prats, vice president of corporate affairs of Coca-Cola Mexico and Dondeena Bradley, global vice president, nutrition and wellbeing at Barilla Group. These special guests shared the insights their global organizations have gained during this challenging time, along with plans to lead wellbeing for their workforce, consumers, communities and citizens worldwide and forge a healthy, sustainable future. We learned how the anxieties we are seeing globally have shaped Joan’s and Dondeena’s commitment to personal wellbeing.



Wellness at Work Initiative Collaboration: Leading in the Next Normal: Setting the Agenda to Thrive
Part 2: Connecting Gender / Diversity & Inclusion and Workplace Wellbeing

In the second webinar, Mim Senft, co-founder & CEO of GW4W and president & CEO of Motivity Partnerships and Joel Hershfield, CFO & healthy workplace advisor of Materials Distribution Agency co-facilitated a conversation with Karlyn Percil, CEO of KDPM Consulting; Gina Diez Barroso, president & CEO of Grupo Diarq and GWI board member; and Rene Bujard, HR director of Galderma and former global HR director for Oxfam. These diverse leaders bring a global prospective to this important topic.

The speakers shared personal workplace experiences, insights and data regarding barriers faced and actions that organizations can take. They also addressed questions that registered attendees could answer in advance on the RSVP page.


Wellness at Work Initiative: Leading in the Next Normal
Part 3: Paradigm Shift–Understanding Wellness as a Culture, Not a Program

Recent world events, from the COVID-19 pandemic to environmental disasters, demonstrate the staggering cost of poor personal health. Today, more than ever, wellness leaders need to embrace strategies that build robust health and immunity–and workplaces are at the center of this urgent shift. In this session we shared perspectives and strategies to create workplaces that nurture long-term health with highly productive wellness cultures.

Tammy Gutierrez, MD, board certified family medicine doctor and functional medicine practitioner; Grant Gamble, business leader and author of “The Affinity Principal;” Gloria Treister, HHP, founder Wellness Evolution and author of “Wellness 101: A Guide to Healthy Living;” and John Toomey, CEO, Wide Awake Wellness and vice chair GWI Wellness at Work Initiative at Global Wellness Institute, will discussed effective wellness programs of the future and address questions.

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