2021 Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium on Demand


The GWI’s Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium is the first event bringing together investors, developers, architects, designers and medical experts to discuss the future of this explosive market. We’ve created a special package that includes on-demand access to the full day of expert presentations plus a research portfolio that includes the GWI’s new report “Wellness Real Estate: Looking Beyond COVID-19”–very eye-opening new wellness real estate market size data and recent growth rates for every global region and the top 20 national markets—as well as forecasting key trends that will define this market post-COVID.

Buy this special package for US$500

The Package Includes:

  • On demand access to all Symposium speaker and panel videos (view event agenda)
  • Access to Symposium Power Point presentations
  • Wellness Real Estate: Looking Beyond COVID-19 Report
  • Build Well to Live Well: Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate and Communities Research Report
  • A robust Wellness Real Estate & Communities Property Showcase with specific data for each property
  • A unique listing of additional industry resources
  • Plus a listing of all Symposium speakers and experts