2024 Trends

TREND 1: Recognition of Yoga Therapy as Part of the Modern Healthcare Playbook

TREND 2: Adoption of Yoga Therapy Techniques to Improve Markers of Mental Health and Wellbeing

TREND 3: Growing Use of Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Sports and Athletics; Performance and Recovery

TREND 4: Popularization of Yogic Breathing/Pranayama as an Integrative Healthcare Practice

TREND 5: The Rise of Yoga in Africa


2023 Trends

TREND 1: Increased Recognition of Yoga vs. Yoga Therapy

TREND 2: The Exponential Growth of Yoga—Beyond the Tipping Point

TREND 3: Expansion of Training Programs in Yoga Therapy Education Worldwide

TREND 4: Growing Integration of Yoga Therapy within the US Department of Veterans Affairs Whole Health Initiative

TREND 5: Yoga Tourism Bounces Back Post-Pandemic

TREND 6: The Proliferation of Sound Healing within Yoga Therapy as a Healing Technique

TREND 7: Yoga Therapy Advocates and Thought Leaders Sharing Airwaves on Podcasts


2022 Trends

TREND 1: Yoga Industry Continues Exponential Growth

TREND 2: Yoga Practitioners Embrace Social Media

TREND 3: Yoga Therapy Sees Rising Demand

TREND 4: Yoga Therapy Gains Traction with Medical Establishment

TREND 5: Corporate Wellness Programs Embrace Yoga



2021 Trends

TREND 1: Emergence of yoga therapy as holistic and healing wellness modality

TREND 2: Integration of yoga therapy into healthcare, a complement to modern medicine

TREND 3: Breathing as therapy for mind-body health

TREND 4: Individual assessment and care vs. group classes

TREND 5: Growth in certification of yoga therapists nationally and globally, recognition as a viable profession

TREND 6: Integrating and leveraging technology in yoga therapy


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