2022 Trends

TREND 1: Wellness Tourism in Africas

TREND 2: Corporate Wellness in Africa

TREND 3: Embracing Good Nutrition for a Healthy Immune System in Africa

TREND 4: Contributing to Climate Change for Carbon Credits in Africa

TREND 5: Renewable Energy and Clean Cooking in Africa

TREND 6: Embracing Digital Platforms to Enhance Food Security in Africa


2021 Trends

TREND 1: Local entrepreneurialism, natural Ingredients and local products

TREND 2: Tapping into our Heritage, rituals and ancient secrets

TREND 3: Community caring, Volunteering – More UBUNTUISM

TREND 4: Energy Healing and Traditional Healers

TREND 5: Holistic self-care touchless treatments and products for Mental Wellness

TREND 6: Virtual Everything is the new Engagement

TREND 7: African Plant Extracts for therapeutic and healing Herbs

Trend 8: Secluded, self-care, self-catering, self-drive getaway holidays in Nature already


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