Wellness for Cancer Initiative Partners with Anticancer Lifestyle Program making resources available worldwide to the wellness and cancer community.

Your Lifestyle Matters. 

he Global Wellness Institute (GWI) Wellness for Cancer Initiative led by Chair Julie Bach and Vice Chair Shamali Singhal, MD, was formed to bridge the world of wellness with the world of medical.  The Initiative has partnered with the Anticancer Lifestyle Program to provide awareness, resources and a call to action for the wellness industry and cancer community that recognize “Your Lifestyle Matters.”

 Watch this a minute-long video on the Anticancer Lifestyle Program here. Share it with people you know interested in reducing their risk of cancer or to support someone you know with cancer.   

This partnership follows up on the 2022 GWI Wellness for Cancer Initiative Trend, The Only Way Forward is Prevention, and the 2023 trend, Your Lifestyle Matters in all stages of life and phases of cancer from prevention onward. Through this partnership, the organizations will: 

  • Share high quality educational content, interactive videos, recipes and content from leading global Integrative Oncology researchers and experts on anticancer lifestyle options. 
  • Increase awareness on anticancer lifestyle choices for prevention of cancer, management of side effects and enhanced quality of life through treatment, as well as in cancer survivorship or end of life. 
  • Provide resources to the global community to shape the conversation on cancer awareness through all phases of life. 

Learn more about their initiative the GWI Wellness for Cancer Initiative, and the Anticancer Lifestyle Program. 

The Anticancer Lifestyle Program
provides the resources you need to make healthy and informed lifestyle choices that can reduce your risk of cancer, cancer recurrence, and chronic illness.

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