Clean Water Initiative

2022 Trends

TREND 1: Clean Water is a Finite Resource that Requires Infinite Efforts to Conserve It

As life and businesses across the globe are inching back to pre-COVID status, sustainability of water as a resource is coming back as a focus—and is a major concern!

Given that water touches all aspects of our lives, awareness about it being a “finite” resource still remains abysmally low. Individuals, businesses, communities, government and regulatory bodies require concerted efforts to make an impact. People are realizing that mere commemoration on a particular day will not create the impact. There is an immediate need to pool efforts together; we need infinite, unrelenting and continuous efforts to conserve water.

Businesses will realize the importance of this scarcest resource on our planet.

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TREND 2: Water Poverty: Efforts to shrink the divide between “haves” and “have nots”

There is a disparity in the usage of water. Water over-use by some is at the cost of others’ share of this precious natural resource, which should be freely available to all.

Water and gender equality are inextricably linked. Even today, women and girls in developing countries have the primary responsibility for the household management of water. This essential and daily task preoccupies them to the point of preventing them from education or occupation.

Gender-sensitive approaches are instrumental in improving the suitability and reach of water services. Women-led design approaches and implementation at the grass root level is proving successful.

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