“It’s Employment Status, Not Class, that Affects Mental Health”The Conversation, September 30, 2016

An interesting insight…


“Humans Won’t Ever Live Far Beyond 115 Years”The Atlantic, October 5, 2016

Medical advances might keep us healthier for longer, but biology could have limits that technology can’t overcome. Some researchers think that the human lifespan has a hard ceiling at around 115 years.


“Google’s Former Happiness Guru Developed a Three-Second Brain Exercise for Finding Joy”Quartz, October 27, 2016

One of Google’s former engineers has just written a book called “Joy on Demand,” in which he expands on how to successfully reshape one’s mindset to move from misery to joy (yes, it can be done!). His method is based on mental exercises that help recognize “thin slices of joy.” As the article explains, his idea is based on neurological research about how we form habits., and mainly focuses on savoring the moment…


“The 80-Year-Old Runway Model Reshaping China’s Views on Aging”The New York Times, November 3, 2016

This is an article about a 79-year-old Chinese man who, determined to avoid mental and physical stagnation, has constantly explored new skills and ideas while devoting ample time to daily exercise. Last year, he walked the runway for the first time, taking obvious joy in subverting China’s image of what it means to be old.


“A New Home-Delivery Meal Kit Company Designs Your Diet by Analyzing your Blood”Quartz, October 26, 2016

Campbell’s just bought a start-up to capitalize on a growing “wired for well-being space” that prioritizes personalized nutrition.

A Striking Stat:

The U.S. presidential election took a toll on Americans’ mental wellbeing: An American Psychological Association study found that more than half of all Americans were very or somewhat stressed by this race.

Source: The New York Times, “Epidemic of Worry”, 10.25.16

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