10 Countries Account for 85 Percent of Hot Springs Revenues


The Global Wellness Institute’s (GWI) new “Thermal/Mineral Springs Economy Report” is available for FREE (download). Inside you will find the first data on dozens of hot springs markets, by both region and nation, for revenues and number of facilities.

A key finding: The $50 billion global thermal/mineral springs market circa 2015 is incredibly concentrated, with Asia and Europe way out in front. Asia ranks #1 with $26.7 billion in revenues, and its two massive markets, Japan and China, make up 51 percent of all global revenues. The reason: the thousands of traditional onsens in Japan and the ongoing massive development in hot springs resorts across China.

Europe ranks #2 regionally, with a market worth $21.7 billion. And in Europe’s mature industry of health resorts, sanatoria and thermal stations long used for therapeutic/rehabilitative reasons, many facilities are getting a facelift to appeal to the modern wellness traveler.

The future: As interest in the value of thermal/mineral waters gathers steam, countries where hot springs have been under-developed will see more development…from South America to Africa.

For now, the top 10 countries drive an amazing 85 percent of revenues. And here are the top 25 markets worldwide:

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