2021 Wellness Real Estate: Looking Beyond COVID-19 Report

GWI’s new report “Wellness Real Estate: Looking Beyond COVID-19”, included in the following packages, reveals eye-opening new wellness real estate market size data, recent growth rates for every global region, the top 20 international markets as well as key emerging trends that will define this market post-COVID.

There are three ways to access this 2021 report: Download the free report Wellness Real Estate: Looking Beyond COVID-19 or get the report plus additional resources by purchasing the Insider’s Guide to Wellness Real Estate or the Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium Portfolio.

The Insider’s Guide to Wellness Real Estate and Communities ($100)

From the leading wellness industry think tank, this Guide is the foremost resource of research, expert insights and industry data for this growing market that has doubled from 2017 to 2020, reaching $275 billion. Includes three keynote talks, a curated industry resource list and property showcase highlights from the recent NYC Symposium.
Learn more & buy this special package for US $100


Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium Portfolio ($500)

This comprehensive portfolio includes everything from the Insider’s Guide plus all 7 hours of expert-led talks, panels and property showcase videos from the full agenda of the September 2021 Global Wellness Institute Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium, the first and foremost gathering of experts across sectors in this booming market.
Buy this special package for US $500.