Articles from Wellness Leaders

Thank you to these wellness leaders from around the world who submitted articles on a variety of inspiring wellness topics to PositivelyWell. We invite you to learn from their ideas and expertise—and we hope you will join this powerful movement to replace fear with a focus on wellness.

Public Health Approach of Ayurveda and Yoga for COVID-19 Prophylaxis, Contributed by Prof. Gerry Bodeker, PhD, Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, UK; Columbia University, US

Wellness in Coronavirus Times, Alina Hernandez, Co-Founder, First 1,000 Days of Wellness and Vice Chair, GWI Mental Wellness Initiative

Spa Reopening Toolkit, International Spa Association (ISPA)

Peacebeam Weekly Meditations, Jane Murray, Founder & CEO, Peacebeam

Slowdown Shuffle: 50 Evidence-based, Immune-Boosting Activities to do During the Global Slowdown, Dr. Marc Cohen, Medical Doctor and Founder, Extreme Wellness Institute

In the Face of the Coronavirus, Workplace Wellness is Key, submitted by Emilie Hoyt, Founder, LATHER

Operational Checklist: Adapting Your Wellness Business In Response To Coronavirus (COVID-19), Jen Cronan Corley, Director of Development & Wellness, WeTravel

Musings While Sheltering in Place, Skylar Skikos, President, Local Framework

Home Fitness, Viviana Confalonieri, SPA ADVISOR

Terror Management in the Age of Coronavirus, Jeremy McCarthy, Group Director of Spa & Wellness, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

How Mental Wellness Helps us Navigate the Coronavirus Pandemic Together, Dr. Lawrence Choy, Co-Founder & Medical Director, Elite Focus Clinic

How to Start Live Streaming for Your Community, Katherine Wernet, Marketing Content Specialist, MINDBODY

Leading In This Unprecedented Moment: 8 Wellbeing Leadership Strategies For Responding to COVID-19, Renee Moorefield, CEO, Wisdom Works Group & Chair, GWI Wellness at Work Initiative

Embrace Optimism as a Powerful Antidote to Preventable Disease, Susie Ellis, Chair & CEO at Global Wellness Summit and Global Wellness Institute

Wellbeing Tips and Resources, Aras Erekul, MD, MMH, National Director of Integrative Well-being, Watermark Retirement Communities