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76 thoughts on “PositivelyWell: Resetting the World with Wellness”

  1. The wellness industry has always enhanced people’s inner beauty and share a similar value system. We all want to have inner and outer wellness balance and education is key to making it accessible to everyone. 2020 has been challenging for everyone but it has also brought basic values back in our busy lives. We have connected with our friends & families more often (even virtually), we have gotten to know our neighbours, we have spent more time in nature, we have focused more on our health and boosting our immune system, even took time to re-evaluate priorities in our lives and we have laughed together.
    Let’s stay positive, together we are stronger.

    Sabrina Polakoff
    Make My Day Group

  2. The world seems to be in chaos. However, this is not a new element to our lives. Throughout history there has been turmoil, chaos and “bad” things happening somewhere. Life is how you look at at it. I personally have been in physical accidents with broken bones, yet if I think for a while or look elsewhere, there is always someone in worse shape than I am.

    Speaking of I am. I believe those are the most two powerful words in our toolbox we need to use at all times. You can think or say “I am a experiencing a great day”, or you could say or think “it is a cloudy and yucky day”. Which statement makes you feel better? And if someone hears either statement, what is their impression of you?

    Along with eating well, I personally have a list of I Am statements I say aloud and think to myself as soon as I wake every day. Here are a few examples;
    I am so thankful for all the amazing experiences i have encountered in my life.
    I am so happy and grateful for this wonderful day and all the great things I will experience today.
    I am so grateful I am happy and healthy.
    I am so happy I am positive, confident and successful.

    After my statements I normally spend a couple minutes of deep breathing.

    If I hear of negative things, news , or such things, it does not effect how I see the world. The great thing about adopting this habit of “I am” is that you can modify and personalize it to any topic or subject you want, such as;
    I am doing the right activities all day long to be _______________(you fill in the blank, of what you want).

    Try it for 30 days and see if your life changes for the better. I know mine has.

  3. Resetting the world with wellness is to develop such an environment, where every living is surrounded by natural and organic things especially in food. We do plantations around our salt factory in PAKISTAN. Natural our most of the time spent working and crafting Himalayan salt products. So, We take halotherapy daily.

  4. The central brain habit that helps me sleep better, feel less stressed and focus more – all of which help me stay significantly more positive – is a regular meditation habit. The science is solid, but it gets lost in the noise or in lazy cliché’s of “studies have shown”. The absolute key is to have worked out which type of meditation habit would work specifically for my life, after years of trying “one size fits all” answers. Now I help others on that journey, and have put together a free guide to discovering the best meditation habit for you here: It’s helped thousands of people so far, I hope it can help you too.

  5. Dr. Mia Purwandari, Dipl. CIDESCO, Dipl. Spa, Indonesia:

    Covid 19 pandemic which attacked our home, the planet Earth, make us all feel the same sorrow of lost and uncertainty. But, by working together to find out the best solutions for our beloved planet Earth, we could overcome all things in our best ways.

    I personally, believe that all happens for a good reasons. God, The Almighty, give all challenges in this pandemi, so we the humans repair our world for its best.

    Being positive in every step of your life is the only way to make the place we live a better one. Our health and wellness could be at its best by being positive…

  6. What is your strategy for staying positive? positive is your inner strength and it’s your own attitude of your own mind body and soul. It human nature to get distracted by things that are not closed to your heart or mind. 1st principals I always follow in my life is to learn everything in the world is not always your, so many time those things you will like it or things or activities you may want to do it but not the necessary world will accept it . So learn to accept you will always get handle or blocks on your path, you have to learn the art how can you cross that and get things done. In this process, you will not get attached to the prosses so you do not have to get disappointed when things are in your fever. The second important things always believe in your own inner strength. sometime you will get the right path with your inner strength decisions some time not but that does not mean you are not capable to implement any big decisions. with the success, you have to learn to celebrate with you with unsuccess you have to learn to analyze your self. Both are actions oriented which will always be connected with your mental status. Mind status plays the biggest roll in your positive latitude, and I believe I have strong control on my own mind stsutus., where i never gave up, i keep on try and keep on motivate myself, i do not wait for anybody to say me good or bad because I believe it is my own inner souls has to be with me to reward me.

  7. Each moment provides opportunity, even more so in the midst of this global pandemic combined with the recent eruption of nationwide protests in the U.S.. As we encounter new ways of thinking and behaving, we must be present in each moment to be able to take a quantum leap out of fear into a more positive way of responding to life. Together we can tap into creative resilience to reveal expansive solutions and promote change to benefit all humanity. We have a choice: we can see the world in despair and chaos or we can embrace compassion, collaboration and conscious awareness to access a convergence of wisdom. Personally, I choose the latter!

  8. My strategy for staying positive is to focus on what I am grateful for every day and thank God for His blessing in my life and then look for opportunities to be a blessing to others. The book of Philippians 4:13 had a great prescription for positivity whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you

  9. I see 2020 as a foundation for a better and brighter future. It has allowed the world to collectively pause, reflect, ponder and breathe. Animals have regained territory encroached by humans and are roaming free once again, the air has been purified to levels of pre-industrialization and families have gathered for nightly rituals. Every person inhabiting the planet has gathered figuratively and collectively to share in a singular experience that has irrevocably reset our priorities and brought forth character traits such as humility, patience, resilience, charity, empathy and compassion.

  10. What is my strategy for staying focused?…to replace fear with wellness?
    Ill have a simple prayer/ or send love (and light) to others. Ill think of my neighbors, my literal neighbors (even if I don’t know them) or the stranger that works the corner bodega or the dog walker. This helps me take my mind off of me…and the bothersome things (no matter how local or global) that are on my mind. When I begin to think of others and wish them the best, the fear I have begins to subside.

  11. Staying positive for me is living in the moment, appreciating that I am alive, feeling grateful I have work, feeling thankful I have a house. All this allows me to feel how precious this life actually is and what an honour it is to be here and to give thanks to my ancestors who probably endured all sorts of struggles including viruses in order for me to be here at this moment. I am very blessed and very lucky to have been born where I was in a country with a fantastic free health system for everyone and where complementary and alternative medicine can be practised and enjoyed by everyone. Embrace change and the chance to grow and develop skills you never knew you had, encourage those around you to be positive too. Humans will get through this and I hope they take the opportunity it has presented to value what life means to them and, if needed make the changes accordingly.

  12. I believe that it is the wellness of the individual which contributes to the wellbeing of the community. Just listen to the gratifying stories of generosity and kindness coming from every quarter. I do my part by bringing laughter therapy, yogic breathing, brain gym and simple meditation to highlight the importance of Physical, Spiritual, Mental & Emotional practices to ensure complete Wellbeing, for Health, Immunity and Happiness. I was even inspired to create a new wellness routine called Ps:ME. I now use every opportunity, be it online or in a telecon or via social media to spread the message, to both social groups and corporates. If anyone wishes to have this experience, please visit or connect with me on [email protected]

  13. Let’s embrace a system approach of “Workplace Wellness and Wellness Living Corporate-Housings/Residentials” to reduce the health burden from COVID-19 and other respiratory infections. The system solution prevents complete shutdown of company operation as well as focus on employee health and well-being including but not limited to option for self-quarantine employees who are living with older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions that might be at higher risk for severe illness from bad-viruses. Experience the Wellness @Work-n-Home!.

  14. I practice Sophrology, a modern form of meditation helping to transform tension into positivity and calm. As a Sophrologist I am offering free and regular sessions during lockdown on my instagram page @besophrolondon. Everyone welcome to experience this unique combination of relaxation, breathing, movement and visualisation.

  15. Focus on the future and create a vision, make this vision board full of things that inspire you, make you smile and make you feel happy and optimistic.
    Search on line, use photographs, create pictures, draw, write and print out, cut from magazines or papers and add to it when something grabs your attention.
    Make this a feature of your bedroom, or kitchen or bathroom and make sure it makes you smile and gives you a warm feeling.

  16. In this Covid 19 unprecedented situation, we are encouraging community people to stay home without fear, request them to maintain cleanliness also to eat freshly cooked food, chewing warm water,
    and to remain isolated enjoying famous movies with family members.

  17. In these challenging times, I want to focus on what I CAN control–my attitude and my ability to provide value to others. (I’m a freelance writer focusing on health/wellness, food, travel, and lifestyle.) So every day in April, I’ve been sharing helpful links, inspirational quotes, tips on healthy living, and stories of people doing good in the world. I share on my social media channels each day, but I’ve also compiled them in a blog post on my website. If you need some positivity for your mental and physical health, I encourage you to check out the blog post at

  18. Thank you for this wonderful community on positivity which humanity needs during this time of uncertainty.
    I anchor my life on God through daily prayers and short meditation… it is what keeps me going when times are tough.
    And He never fails to answer my prayers and manifest His love
    Sharing inspirational thoughts to friends and praying for people is my way of helping others lift their spirits up.
    Our God will never leave us alone… with faith and hope, He will deliver us from this crisis.

    God bless us all!

  19. Every morning before I get out of bed I say one thing I’m grateful for (or two or three!) and one thing I’m looking forward to. It helps set my day positively. Staying present throughout my day is also helpful, worry causes so much unnecessary stress. Focus on what you can control, your actions and reactions, and not what you cannot control. Be present in all that you do and be grateful for the time that you have, your health, and your support system.

    1. I agree, gratitude is a very powerful practice and makes me instantly positive. When we are surrounded by the same things every day we begin to see less and appreciate it less. We are all in control of what we feel and how we see things, changing your perspective is a great way to change your mindset and think more positively.

  20. Using the DEEPER Healing Method, Diet, Emotions, Environmental Toxins, Physical, Elimination and Rebuilding,vwe are helping people understand the connection between immune dysregulation and susceptibility to viral illness.

  21. Es importante generar consciencia en el autocuidado y bienestar de todos y para todos.
    Reflexionando, compartiendo y adquiriendo hábitos saludables que nos permiten resistirestos momentos de crisis mundial y comprender el valor de una vida plena.

    “It is important to raise awareness of the self-care and well-being of all and for all.
    Reflecting, sharing and acquiring healthy habits that allow us to withstand these moments of global crisis and understand the value of a full life.”

  22. Great initiative well done PW.
    I am helping friends family and frontliners with free video/phone F.A.S.T. coaching sessions for fear and stress relief.

    Free discovery 20 min sessions also available for everyone who needs immediate fear advice and support.

  23. This is a great initiative.
    I am looking forward to following the narrative.

    All the factors to promote wellness at this time is vital. Many are paralyzed to do anything due to uncertainty and fear.

    To be able to galvanize such an individual into positive action is vital so that they can create impactful results on wellness.

  24. Love this initiative. We put together an open list of free, globally available, fact checked and practical mental well-being resources here – this list is completely free to access and we’ve had great feedback that it’s really helping people. Resources include articles on meditation, working from home, processing grief, a global map of mental health charities etc and audios for anxiety, sleep and more.

  25. In such a difficult time, it is important to spread a positive attitude and keep a physical, mental and emotional balance. Although, it is not the best way in my profession, I try to promote the practice of physical exercise through online training.


    Shelter in place restrictions present unprecedented opportunities for spas to promote positive messages that promote happiness and reduce a sense of isolation. The point was well made that physical and mental wellness are inseparable, though a focus on aspects of these two elements are appropriate at times.

    To fully appreciate the positive opportunities for spas to offer messages via the internet using comedy, music, art, literature and other forms of engagement, consider two kinds of people on a mental wellness continuum: 1) Those who are relatively mentally well and 2) those who are not.

    Most if not all the participants on today’s call, the staff of GWI and most of our friends and family are, of course, in the first category. But, consider the reality of the others, those not doing so well and how this international lockdown situation could invite all of us to do more to reach this segment of the world, however modestly.

    Summary date on the not-so-mentally well, at present.

    * 50 million, 1 in 5, live w/ a mental health condition in the US.
    * Mood & anxiety disorders are, and have long been epidemic, if not contagious in the usual sense.
    * Major depression, bi-polar and obsessive-compulsive disorders are rampant; added to that is the fact that most Americans are superstitious (i.e., not an element of critical thinking).

    We are a medicated nation.

    * In the last decade, pharmaceutical companies have created 5 major new classes of psychotropic drugs, 9 new anti-depressant agents and 5 new anti-psychotic drugs.
    * Spending on mental health drugs went from $2.8 billion in 1987 to $18 billion in 2001. In the past twenty years, this has surely increased dramatically (data not available).

    Let’s entertain ideas on how to address both populations with our messages for mental wellness.

  27. As we carry on through these unique and interesting times, I want to share what I’ve found through conscious language to be valuable and applicable to all areas of life – personally and beyond. It’s no secret that we are all energies living and experiencing life vicariously through our physical vessels. And, since everything is made up of energy, we are all interconnected; to each other, our planet, nature, animals, etc. When we think thoughts and exchange experiences with others, we are co-creating our experiences of our reality. When a life event happens, our attitudes and feelings toward our experiences will determine whether we move upscale, downscale, or stay static.

    We give power to our experience through our attention. As the commonly heard saying goes, “where our attention goes, energy flows.” Focusing on problems reveals problems. Focusing on solutions brings solutions. Worrying about negative outcomes only breeds negative outcomes. Energy flows through thought. Peace is attained when we are at peace in consciousness. Choose good health and you will have good health.

    Our subconscious mind is literal. The things that we really believe in always happens and the belief in that thing makes it manifest. We are exactly what we are conscious of being. Changing our consciousness is the first step in changing what we are conscious of being. All change starts in consciousness first. Language shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about.

    By adjusting our awareness to our language, we expand our awareness By becoming conscious to speaking, thinking, and hearing limiting language, we are able to make changes in our words, thoughts, and feelings and speak, think and hear new positive, helpful, supportive, specifically healing words. We can begin to rewrite our scripts in love, abundance, joy, unity, grace and ease.

    Be your own partner in health. Discover how your health is directly influenced by your language. Remember, your inner speech is your outer language. Immediately shift your states of lacking to your choice of having, being, doing, enjoying, and thriving. Be in the picture and reality of your own success.

    Words are spirit vibrating into reality. The alteration of one word can change an entire reality. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. We have the power to change our thoughts, words, feelings, and outcomes. Only when we are prepared emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically will we transform one reality or condition into another. And only when we are aligned with our words, do they happen.

    I assert, as we shift our consciousness – our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs – our personal and global health will also shift, and the silver lining of our current circumstance will reveal brighter days ahead.


  28. You are STRONG. And you know that, ‘This too shall pass’. While we may feel limited and inconvenienced by this virus, I am full of gratitude upon seeing how many people are holding onto a positive perspective. Let me tell you why.

    There are many people out there who are at high-risk for being seriously ill if they contract the virus, many who do not have access to world-class healthcare, many who do not have a comfortable home to be social distancing in, many who wonder how they can afford to ‘stock up’, many who are at a point in their lives where they rely on the help of others and now face issues from limited access….the list goes on.

    Sometimes it is helpful to be mindful that some of our inconveniences are minor compared to what others are facing. Use PERSPECTIVE to shift your mindset. Experience the revitalizing benefits of peaceful, productive thinking. Let’s approach each day with perspective to transform our experience in life Now, & Always. #rewriteyourhealth

    To Your Health,

    Kiran Grewal MD
    INSTAGRAM: @kirangrewalmd

  29. Nothing is constant except change. We, as people working towards the wellbeing, need to change in a deeper level and to emphasize not only to emotional, technical and technical skills but to combine embodied experiences with analytic-cognitive skill development. We have to be Quantum Leaders as Frederick Chavalit & Chris Laszlo described in their book Quantum Leadership. The new era that arises with all the challenges and changes in a social, economic and environmental level, pushes us to focus on adaptive skills that change who the leader is being rather than only what the leader is doing. The goal is to generate positive economic outcomes along with prosperity in the communities, positive social and environmental outcomes. Which means that we contributing to a healthy natural environment and improving human well-being. It is time to develop connectedness, through which we will develop critical skills to take immediate actions to address complex realities more effectively.

  30. Thank you for this initiative. We are well in Serbia (Belgrade) for now. I think it’s a good way to overcome this situation stay home , actually this is the only way. Take the opportunity to do something you can do from home…for example read about wellness!

  31. The time for positive change is now.

    At times like what the world is facing, lessons and blessing to take forward before the momentum starts again is very important.
    Make time now to the slowdown – think and reflect on how you can be the change you wish to see.
    Health is going back to the Roots, now is a great time to reconnect with yourself and people around you that need your support, love, time give these gifts.

  32. Let’s use this time to reflect and learn.
    We needed to stop the insanity of how we are all living. We weren’t paying attention.
    Now we have to.
    Let this unusual time help us to return to love. To love ourselves, each other, the animals, the plants, the planet, the air, the water, and the sky.
    If we use this time to wake up, we will all be better for it!
    Find out what really matters during this hiatus from the hectic lives we are all living.
    Focus on what matters most and take that with you as we move through and then beyond COVID19.
    Well wishes and love to you all!

    Gloria Treister, HHP
    Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and Practitioner
    [email protected]

  33. For a long time I have been planning to write a book on the power of personal resourcefulness. The current climate has propelled me into action and highlighted what a valuable skill this is personally and professionally. Being resourceful means you take the initiative and action rather than waiting for ‘permission’, rules or inadequate guidelines. You take care of your own health rather than wait in fear. You are creative in coming up with solutions when normal resources are scarce. Such as swops with neighbours, creating new recipes or negotiating novel win win outcomes. Resourcefulness takes you out of ‘the way it’s always been done’ to generate workable solutions even if they’ve never been done before. It encourages a ‘can do’ attitude rather than doom. This health crisis has the opportunity to Generate this powerful skill and develop a greater depth of self sufficiency, empowerment and self belief.

  34. Stay informed yet positive, build up your immunity, wash your hands, meditate, pray and help those who are alone and afraid.
    We are all in this together – our minds are very powerful so fill it with thoughts that have the power to change the course…

  35. As the developer of the BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing and Meditation Methods, I’m suggesting people find their sanity with singing bowls! The sound frequencies produced by these healing instruments help stop the negative mind-chatter, and the vibration can calm the anxious body so you can connect with something deeper…spirit, voice of True Self, wisdom, well-being. I created a little sound journey with the Himalayan bowls, crystal pyramid, and Indian sound pod. It’s called “7 Minutes to Sanity” and it’s FREE for all! Put on some headphones and enjoy!

  36. I was on the one hour zoom call this morning that the GWS set up. Truly valuable hearing from about 50 people around the world who have come up with some creative ideas for helping us navigate through these difficult times. One person on the zoom call came up with the idea of focusing on “first responders” and so my husband and I have decided to cater lunch from our restaurant (for free) to 30 people working at our local blood bank. Of course our restaurant is closed but our to go orders are still happening so tomorrow we will be preparing 30 “to go” orders for the blood bank. The head person at the blood bank could not have been more thrilled (or surprised.)

  37. Thank you for this initiative. The old saying “Crisis as a chance” comes to its full meaning with the current situation. It gives all of us the opportunity to reflect on our own value system, habits, and behaviors that may or may not support our own and the well-being of others. Its the perfect time to explore new ways to train resilience and develop the courage to create those shifts in our daily life, as small as they may be, to support our own, and others, health, wellbeing, and sanity. As an integrated Wellness & stress management coach I offer currently complimentary sessions to create lasting and quick changes in once lifestyle habits to support more personal and collective well-being.

  38. I am joined with you and the GWI in bringing awareness and new level of consciousness to ourselves, individually, and shining that light for others.
    My Post today on connecting with our 99% Spirit level consciousness.
    Auto-Heuristic Healing – That is how your body uses its natural systems to maintain, repair and heal. These abilities are 99% within our Spirit level consciousness and 1% within our Physical level consciousness. These healing abilities are within you – Nothing outside you can heal you if these internal abilities are disconnected.
    Healing, Vitality and Health flows from your Spirit-Self into your Physical-Self.

  39. Thank you to GWI for making this information available and also the information which needs to be shared. My mission and passion is to educate others so they understand how our bodies function and the importance of immune health. I recently attended a yearly congress in Germany where elite scientists demonstrated their research work using Sanza technology. I shared with my :growing client base, a summary of the presentations along with suggestions for general wellness such as washing your hands, eating wholesome foods, getting quality sleep, exercising, meditating, getting out in nature and having fun. I think the fear factor can be mitigated when we are empowered with knowledge and self choice. There are also state of art technologies such as the Sanza which support the body at a functional level and strengthen our bodies and restore our innate abilities to be in an optimal state of being. As we collectively promote “wellness” we can evolve and redefine healthy living in our modern world.

  40. I and my group provide Japanese complementary therapies in Nagasaki.
    I am a reiki healer and recently started to send remote Reiki to the people who suffer in this situation.
    I am happy to send it to anyone who needs it.
    It’s a hard time for everyone, so I do what I can do.

  41. “The body hears everything your mind says”. In uncertain times likes this, being at war with the coronavirus, staying positive is essential. This is also where wellness practices become critical. As wellness promoters we have learned the meaning of embracing health into our daily lives and encouraging others to follow. As founder of the Florida Spa Association and a Wellness Day Ambassador, the efforts of our team starts with supporting our spa community by providing up-to-date information to keep our family, friends and associates safe, educated and proactive through these tumultuous days that lie ahead. Together we remain steadfast in our minds and body to stay healthy and informed…… and most of all to stay optimistic.

    Thank you GWI for providing ongoing informative resources and a platform to connect with each other!

  42. It’s so important to our wellbeing that we feel connected, even while keeping our distance.
    I invite you to participate in an uplifting daily moment of connection with our mobile app Daily Haloha. It’s a chance to look inward and share outward and feel connected to humanity across the globe – based on a single daily question to the world.
    It’s completely free (anonymous and free of judgment too!).

  43. Thank you for promoting the idea of optimism and a proactive lifestyle that includes adequate rest, nutritious diet, regular exercise, and a sense of community. All are critical to supporting an immune system that’s up to its task. Taking a one minute “walking meditation” break per hour just to check in and return to center has been helpful. Doing low level light therapy treatments while meditating has also offered a soothing and therapeutic mind-body experience that has helped counteract the negative. Best wishes to all!

  44. Hello, I was inspired to write this article.

    A friend of mine in the US shared it with another – he gave me feedback that his friend was about to do something regrettable. Reading this potentially saved at least one life.

    It has just been published on Thrive Global. If it resonates with you, please add your comment to the link and share it.

  45. Thank you for this resource! I am opening a new Wellness Spa in Colorado, and I am sharing as much info on wellness through social media posts as I can. We are encouraging preventative measures as well as wellness modalities we offer such as red light therapy, infrared sauna, and (coming soon) halotherapy. We refuse to succumb to the fear, but are still trying to be proactive. This resource is so helpful to spread the word about what positive measures we can take rather than buying up all the toilet paper and quarantining ourselves.

  46. Hygiene works. The data shows that we are having a very mild flu season in Japan, no doubt partially because of the increased focus on the need for good personal hygiene. Japan’s health ministry started corona-virus warnings at the start of 2020. Please note the rollover in regular flu patients from December 2019 shown in the chart below (from a Nikkei Asian Review article). Please keep regularly and comprehensively washing your hands etc !!

  47. As representative of health and wellness for the Mexican Community at the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis, I have always being a big advocate of Nurturing the body with good nutrition and physical activity. I encourage people to do their out most to change their life style.

    Now with this pandemic is a must do in order to have better chances at winning the fight against this new virus.

    Lets fight this evil with good!

  48. The claim that “optimism is strong medicine” makes one wonder why qualities of wellbeing are so often linked with medicine. Is this because such qualities are insufficient if not so identified. Is exercise medicine? How about love, joy, happiness and other states we value as part of a good life? Are they medicines, too? Medicine is “the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.” (Oxford Dictionary)That doesn’t sound like optimism to me.

    When writing, talking and otherwise promoting wellness, which is quite simply a lifestyle approach to wellbeing, let’s keep that which we can do for ourselves separate from what we expect from pharmaceutical companies, medical doctors and all manner of treatments that belong in the category of medicine, and give wellness a chance to exist separate and apart, but complementary to health care. These are, to use Stephen J. Gould’s famous phrase, “separate magisteria.”

  49. We are moving forward with our Conference and events- we believe in replacing fear with positive and accurate information. I had received thousands of emails asking about our event ( and our answer has remained the same. We want to get the word out on positive opportunities for the Caribbean Region and develop a wellness tourism model where we care for the wellbeing of our visitors, the communities and the environment. Thank you for being advocates of Positive Information during these crazy times 🙂

  50. Thank you for initiating a discussion on positive reinforcing of our personal wellness practices. The times are challenging, but only during such times most people gain insight and greater awareness about the responsibilities that we all have individually and collectively to stay well!
    In my efforts, as an Ayurvedic practitioner but also a wellness travel expert within the travel company that I co-founded, Sriseeker, we have been sharing messages of positivity, encouraging healthy habits, and offering tips and advice to our community to remain focused on their well-being and of those around them. We cannot downplay the need to take extraordinary precautions, and we take the opportunity to stress the importance of preventative health measures. Living a balanced life is the only “insurance policy” we can truly invest in.
    Please consider visiting our website for any further details and please consider following us on social media platforms, it is a pleasure to be part of an empowering community of wellness seekers.

    Wishing everyone a world of wellness! Stay strong <3

  51. Coronavirus: An Awakening, a Reckoning and Realizing the Secure and Sustainable Future of Humanity and Nature

    The Awakening: The Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 resulted in death of an estimated 50 million people. Now in 2020, the digital media has enabled the worldwide public to see the spread of coronavirus cases in front of their very eyes around the world, there is panic everywhere and just today the whole nation of Italy has been quarantined. The medical research community is scrambling to develop a Coronavirus vaccine but given the time required for testing and safety issues, it is unlikely that the vaccine will be available in the short term. Wherever we look, businesses are being disrupted, schools are closing, public gatherings are banned and hospitals are overwhelmed. The stock markets are crashing and airline industry, which facilitates worldwide travel and brings people together, is facing bankruptcy. All around the world there is unprecedented social and economic turmoil, a dire of warning of what may become the norm unless the world community awakens to make our Planet healthy and habitable for all species.

    The Reckoning: The last hundred years has seen the fastest demographic growth in combination with adoption of unhealthy and unstainable modern lifestyles, rising global warming and extreme events, extinction of species, air and water pollution and the rise of pests , parasites, pathogens and diseases. The latter invisible to our eyes are mutating and risks of infectious and vector borne diseases and more is multiplying . It is time to realize that we cannot continue to degrade and destroy the world of nature, for nature is living being and it will strike back and when it does we will have nowhere to run and no time to respond. We are putting our one Earth on the brink. It is time for men and women as equals to come together and confront the emerging human health and environmental crisis, if we are do avoid catastrophes in every corner of our one Earth and one world. Let us respond to this awakening and reckoning and secure the future of all alive today and for generations to come.

    The Realizing: Whilst sustainable development is an imperative, there can be no sustainable development unless human beings adopt sustainable lifestyles. Modern lifestyle, driven be materialism and greed are characterised by unhealth eating, unbalanced physical, mental and spiritual exercise, stress in the home and at work as well as an ever more polluting world. People living modern lifestyles face a high probability of diabetes and obesity, mental stress and depression, blood pressure and cardiac disease as well as cancer. Thus far modern medicine has no cute for these ailments and the only hope is that a partnership of holistic and traditional wellness and modern healthcare will enable develop preventive, restorative and curative systems for human wellbeing. Governments and Businesses need to wake up and implement actions for a sustainable world with paramount consideration to protect nature. This cannot be achieved unless human beings themselves become sustainable in all they do and the highest priority is realizing human and nature’s health and wellbeing.

    Mahendra Shah, Zen Resort Bali

    1. I agree with you insights and that this is a catalyst for a new way of being. If we include natural disasters such as the fires in Australia, locusts in Africa, volcanoes in the Philippines, etc nature is giving us no alternative but to stop, reflect and redirect our behaviours to those that are inclusive, collaborative and sustainable.

      I believe a good defence is a good offence by maintaining a positive mind, eating properly and most importantly exercising in fresh air. In Hong Kong I do weekly mantra meditations for positivity, offer free sound healing sessions for cancer survivors and their families and share upbeat concise messages in my weekly newsletter aside from my other activities. I believe we all need to stop and rest more than ever before so that we respond rather than react to life’s stressors. I continue to seek sponsorship to play for the public throughout HK now that air travel is impossible. Here we have been living in fear, anxiety, uncertainty, since June 2019. One develops resilience however the need for human interaction cannot be underestimated. Seeking ways of gathering safely – through remote conference calls, small group gong gatherings or meeting outdoors are some strategies I am currently using.

  52. Šī doma par pozitīvismu ir ļoti apsveicama un nepieciešama. Pašlaik mēs strādājam ,lai tuvāko dienu laikā izveidotu ne dārgas, bet īpašas procedūras izskata un pašsajūtas uzlabošanai. Uz doto brīdi ir jāliek akcents uz imunitātes stiprināšanu! Diemžēl ļoti daudziem cilvēkiem gan pasaulē, gan Latvijā ir pasliktinājies finansiālais stāvoklis. Depresija grauj imunitāti !!! Mums vajadzētu apvienoties visā pasaulē ,lai pakalpojumi ,kas saistās ar cilvēku aprūpi ,labsajūtu un atpūtu tiktu aplikti ar daudz zemāku VAT nodokli. Šādiem pakalpojumiem ir augsta pašizmaksa, darbietilpīgs process un meistara ilgstošs darbs ar savām rokām. Jāpanāk ,ka daudz vairāk cilvēkiem būtu iespēja baudīt kvalitatīvus pakalpojumus. Visi zin ,ka tikai spēcīgs cilvēks var radīt labu darbu, būt pozitīvs ģimenē un dot atdevi labākas pasaules veidošanā.

  53. Hello. It is an opportunity, for those of us who practice outdoor sports, to invite others to also do outdoor activities, and not in closed spaces with many people.

    Following recommendations of the World Health Organization, and staying optimistic about your own well-being, will help a lot minimize panic effect of coronavirus
    Of course, listen to your body

  54. Great stuff. As founder and CEO of a homeopathic and vitamin company (sprayology) we agree that attitude and good choices are the best prevention and our responsibility. Whether fighting a virus, general disease prevention or choosing to age well and live vibrantly, all requires us to listen to our bodies, make healthy choices and adjustments. The body tells us a lot through symptoms (data). Listen to your body!! Ellie xo

  55. I met a woman who was NOT going to allow fear stop her from attending a “Dancing With The Stars Live” performance in Seattle

    She placed her hand over her heart, and said, “I have faith that is stronger than fear.”.

    It gave me an extra boost of prana that I was able to share with other customer and employees. It was a lovely late winter day in the PNW. We each chose to be a part of it, participate in it. I’m still feeling the effects of joyful connection to others.

    Well-being HAS to impact immunity. It cost nothing and is available to all.

  56. Right now the media are totally focused on Corvid19 and the number of infected people, which is has spread panic much faster that the actual virus.
    In alignment with the Global Wellness Institute’s vision of a “WELL World” and the UNITED NATIONS’ 17 SDGs, World Wellness Weekend is inspiring & empowering people to experience & adopt healthy habits to strengthen their immune system through the 5 Pillars of wellness: Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Mindfulness and Sense of Purpose.

    Our special interest focus in 2020 are INCLUSION #wellnessforall and NURSES #wellnessfornurses
    In order to honor the women & men who care for 7 billion people from one’s first breath to their last, and currently risk their lives with Corvid19, we encourage venues participating in World Wellness Weekend to “Reach Out to prevent Burn Out”. Spas, salons, fitness clubs are encouraged to invite nurses for a special fitness or mindfulness event, or organize a 60-minute wellness workshop for nurses & doctors in their local hospital or clinic.

    We sincerely hope that the isolation & fear soon be replaced by solidarity and vitality..

    Personal common sense about hygiene precautions should indeed be observed as for any type of flu (do you remember our Grand-mothers telling us to wash our hands???) , and immune systems should be strengthened, but the worldwide economy (especially tourism & hospitality) should not have to endure such a dramatic slowdown.

    #strongertogether #wellnessforall #wellnessfornurses #wellnessfordoctors #worldwellnessweekend

  57. I believe this is an extraordinary, innovative and necessary way to avoid feeling sick and filling our minds with toxic information, I really congratulate GWI for this effort, helping all of us who want to have a better quality of life.

  58. Stay positive, travel as necessary, wash hands, eat healthy, do not touch face/eyes/nose/ mouth frequently and keep other infections also away as much. Keep elderly at home

  59. Take locust molasses, grape molasses, vegetables, pulses , walnut, water and herbal tea. sleep well, walk well and stay away from stress. wash your hands.

  60. The trusted Family Travel Forum has been online through many crises since 1996, so we looked at what information families need to empower restful spring breaks, without fear or ignorance about coronavirus. Here is the result of our guidance:
    which emphasizes reliable sources of medical and wellness information instead of clickbait hysteria.

    We believe that travel is one of life’s most rewarding activities, especially for children, and hope our research helps many families make a reasoned decision to continue with their travel plans.

  61. Having a human life is a great achievement in itself. But it is getting ridiculous that this virus is getting stronger than humans. Why? Because humans do not recognize themselves but the virus and all diseases they do, they know themselves at their quantum level, and they use their full potential and walla they win humans and humanity get lost.

    We need to meditate and eat healthy food if possible vegetarian food. If we kill animals and eat them then it is not surprising to me that sometimes it is their turn to kill us and eaten by them. After all, we need to learn to accept the equal rights of all living beings, no matter viruses and animals and humans.

  62. We have been operating our showcase/pilot project “Wellness Living Corporate Housing” since 2018.
    When we learn about virus outbreak, we proactively work with our partner 3M to upgrade Filtrete Basic Air Filter (MERV 5) to Filtrete Healthy Living Air Filter (MERV >12) to help capture unwanted particles from household air, contributing to a cleaner, fresher home environment. By proactively capturing dust, bacteria, VIRUSES and allergens, these high-performance filters help improve home’s air quality.

  63. We are very well in Italy.
    The Italian government adopted drastic measures to reduce the risk.
    We are safe

    1. That’s great news! Thank you for the update ~ I’ve been thinking about you all.

  64. Neither viruses nor nuclear radiations can make you sick. It is you who use them as excuses to hide your inner insanity. There are no outer influences nor negative circumstances that can give you diseases. It is you yourself who become victim of your own identification with the outer world and try to justify, through illnesses, your inner disorder and lack of unity. From another point of view the external symptoms are very important tools, they are necessary to recognize your inner limitation and boundaries. External symptoms allow you to see where the very cause of all your trouble is. Remember! All diseases are there to be overcome. And all healings are temporary until you heal the final disease: death. (Elio D’Anna – founder and president of the European School of Economics @ Wellness & WellBeing department “Health is Wealth project” – the Inner Economy: the answer to all and everything) Visit our websites: /

  65. Thank you, as always, for being so on top of issues like this and wellness trends around the world. Your organization continues to impress me!

    We are working with college and university recreation centers and parks and rec departments around the country to help then combat COVID-19. As a place on campus where wellness is the primary goal, they are uniquely positioned to make use of the messaging that you are sharing on this site. We will be sure to pass it along.

    Take care!

  66. Dear Colleauges,

    Greetings from Greece. Thank you for the opportunity to spread the word and sharing information.

    We are promoting healthy living and nutrition into our company and we share these information with our network through email and social media.

    With gratitude,

  67. As a resident of New York City, there is a higher chance of interaction between people simply due to the fact that there are more of us in a condensed area. This means that there is a heightened awareness of where to place hands in the subway or how to open doors which are easily addressed whether it is washing hands or holding on with a shirtsleeve! Yesterday it was 70 degrees and my husband and I indulged in springtime weather by having a healthy meal outside and “drinking” in Vitamin D.

  68. I will be sharing your campaign to the 3,000 plus employees of Etech Global Services where I serve as President and CEO. Thank you for you commitment to betterment of mind, body and spirit.

  69. Muchas gracias por su interes en difundir el mensaje de que todos somos nuestros propios sanadores, siendo que podemos protegernos aumentando nuestra inmunidad, que esta asociada a todo lo que hacemos y nos rodea. Tomar conciencia es fundamental para todos.
    Acompaño está campaña siendo que ahora más que antes debemos colaborar desde nosotros mismos para los demás y el bien de todos en el planeta.
    Gracias y saludos cordiales.

    Lic. Juliana Macari
    Directora de One-Massage

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