Sustainability Initiative Programs

Areas of Focus

  • Examine the relationship between economic abundance and scarcity in economic models.
  • Currency exchange as a means of influence and economy as a measure of meaningful life.
  • The new tribe: Emotional brands are lucrative brands.
  • Explore the capacity to shift from innovation towards creation of the future.
  • Examine the sense of fear of the future vs the experience of personal empowerment for transformational change.
  • Discuss how to reconnect to environment through a sense of place and time.
  • Explore architectural and spatial dynamics and structures that promote or prevent wellbeing, and the energetic interplay at work.
  • Exploring what it means to add value on a continual basis in social systems, ‘natural’ systems, infrastructure systems, human development, and financial systems.
  • Integrating all the domains of life in our design and thinking processes. IOW: Working with the processes of life as a whole living system.
  • Explore the dynamic framework by which to encourage individual preparation and motivation towards a more sustainable life and work-style.
  • Examine the elements, forces and influences operating in the human body that will help us to understand Nature and that we are all connected in a web of wellness.
  • Consider the Wellness Manifesto published on Global Wellness Day 2015 as a baseline approach to sustainable core values.
  • Examine the business imperative which allow for businesses to take leadership roles and create strategies to propel a sustainability agenda in the competitive marketplace.


  • Define core values necessary for sustaining well-being on a larger scale.
  • Define beliefs and principles (guides to action) that unite this initiative.
  • Create a collection of significant case studies providing evidence for an effective sustainable business or social model.
  • Develop a collection of best practices towards creating a sustainable business or social model.
  • Develop a relationship with technology that provides for a more influential and intuitive systemic approach.
  • Give meaning to and re-define common terms related to sustainability issues?
  • Create an online learning environment.
  • Provide specific courses, consulting, or services associated with implementing best practices and strategies.
  • Create a Document that serves as a credo
  • Create awareness raising resources designed to help businesses recognize the inherent threat that an un-sustainable planet means to their own future (you can’t do business on a dead planet, essentially).

Questions or Comments?

Contact: Bonnie Baker, Initiative Chair