The following Initiative projects are currently in development

Africa Wellness “Yellow Pages” including African Medicinal Plants, African Traditional Treatments & Institutions
Beauty Meets Wellness Summaries and reports on roundtables and consumer insight study
Consulting Best Practices Preparing an infographic showcasing results of their surveys
Digital Wellness Potential documentary and social media and the use of smart phones; an app focused on emotional intelligence
Eastern European Roundtables in Serbia and Romania, Connecting gov’ts, entrepreneurs, scientists; Eastern European handbook
Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Gathering researching on halotherapy; surveying benefits of flotation therapy & Himalayan salt therapy
First 1,000 Days New Initiative – just started
Healthy Aging New Initiative – just started
Hot Springs Roundtable in US, roundtable in China (co-hosted with the Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative)
Immersion Mandala cataloguing properties; white paper
Sound Healing Roundtable with YMCA
Sustainability Roundtable report; definitions of sustainability
Wellness at Work Summary of expert interview insights
Wellness for Cancer Developing guidelines and wording based on surveys with cancer patients
Wellness Tourism Aggregating the results of their interviews
Women in Leadership Getting more wellness companies involved; starting more lean-in circles