2024 Wellness Real Estate
Market Growth
(2019-2023) and
Future Developments

Published in conjunction with the GWI/GWS Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium in New York City (May 14, 2024), this report provides GWI’s latest data and insights on the wellness real estate sector, which has been the fastest-growing market in the wellness economy. The report provides global, regional, and country data updated through 2023, as well as analysis of key opportunities and challenges for the future of this sector. Note that this report is a pre-release of data that will also appear in the 2024 edition of the Global Wellness Economy Monitor (releasing in November 2024).

Wellness Real Estate Sector Snapshot through 2023

Wellness real estate has been the fastest-growing market in the 11-sector wellness economy over the last six years, and it surged from $225.2 billion in 2019 to $438.2 billion in 2023. To put that 18.1% annual growth rate from 2019-2023 in perspective, the annual growth rate for overall global construction was only 5.1% during this time period.

The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the understanding among consumers and the building industry about the critical role that external environments play in our physical and mental health. We forecast that the wellness real estate market will grow by 15.8% annually from 2023 to 2028, when it will approach the trillion-dollar mark ($912.6 billion forecasted for 2028). This report is filled with regional and country data, finding that the United States ($181 billion), China ($73 billion), and the United Kingdom ($29 billion) remain the three biggest national markets. GWI researchers also detail the biggest drivers and opportunities – as well as the biggest challenges – for the wellness real estate market in the future.

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