Last call to submit stories for “In Pursuit of Wellness” film series   

Last year, the Global Wellness Institute and BBC StoryWorks launched “In Pursuit of Wellness: The Art & Science of Living Well” to great acclaim. To date, the series has won four awards, generated a staggering 5 million views, 500,000 page visits to the series site on and over 4 million social engagements.

The success of the first instalment inspired a sequel and, over the last few months, the BBC team have been having in-depth discussions with incredible people across the wellness network. Initially they set out to understand the importance of collective wellness and broaden understanding of different traditions and cultures of wellness. Those discussions have brought about some profound stories that we’ll be telling in the new series, from women’s health to healing through nature and community wellbeing, but they have also exposed narrative gaps across the following topics:

  1. Architecture, real estate and building healthy communities
  2. Proactive, preventative healthcare and longevity
  3. Mental health and loneliness

If you have a story or idea to share which aligns with the above, please express your interest in participating in the series by emailing Lara McNeilSeries Developer at BBC StoryWorks by Wednesday, June 28.

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