Respiratory Wellness Initiative

2023 Trends

Respiratory wellness brings attention to the need for healthier environments that improve the quality of the air we breathe. Respiratory hygiene and wellness are also a driving force behind the rise in health and wellness professionals around the world who are advocating for ambitious climate action— the ultimate solution to cleaner air.

Top Trends in Respiratory Wellness

TREND 1: The emergence of evidence that directly links the impact that air care (indoors and outdoors) can have on respiratory health.

Manufacturers educating their clients on the medical and wellness impact of poor IAQ. (Indoor Air Quality)

TREND 3: Better understanding on how building design impacts IAQ and how we balance respiratory wellness, comfort and sustainability efforts.

TREND 4: We are seeing better air sensors and filtration/treatment equipment, along with smart engineering, design, and management of HVAC systems for commercial spaces, homes, hospitality, schools, etc.

TREND 5: Consumers will become more aware and learn how various behaviors such as cleaning, cooking and other household activities (and products) impact respiratory wellness.

TREND 6: While technology is emerging and becoming more available and affordable, standardization and certifications of claims for products need to be realized, while denouncing those making false claims

TREND 7: Government policies, corporate accountability for wellness environments, developers and consumer awareness will drive a heightened focus on respiratory health and wellness.