Sound Wellness Initiative

2019 Trends

TREND 1: Sound Healing is becoming mainstream

The biggest trend is that sound healing or sound wellness is becoming more mainstream. For example, being used in more traditional healthcare, dentistry, schools, elderly care, cancer care, fitness, corporate wellness. I specifically gathered people from these various segments to help further the research and development of this.

TREND 2: Sound baths and/or gong baths

Sound baths and/or gong baths are growing and becoming more mainstream. Having people participate in a group environment where all sorts of sound healing instruments are used to relax, restore and recharge. Being done in all sorts of public venues, in addition to more private clubs and/or healing arts facilities.

TREND 3: Use of specific frequencies

Expanding use of and exploration into use of specific frequencies, such as the Solfeggio frequencies, expanded use of binaural beats and/or hemi-sync as a proactive approach to stress reduction, expanded awareness/consciousness, enhance performance. Expanding use of sound frequency or sound canceling technology to help eliminate disease.

TREND 4: Programs in schools

Programs being offered in schools to help children self-regulate their anxiety and depression. Again, we are focused on a specific research project in this area both by offering use of sound healing bowls and other instruments as well as acoustic relaxation/sensory integration environments.

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