Sound Wellness Initiative

2021 Trends

TREND 1: Sound Wellness in Architectural Design

Integration of sound, music and optimal acoustic awareness in public spaces, schools, landscape, transportation, community developments, entertainment venues that offer sound and/or noise awareness as part of the experience design.

TREND 2: Sound Wellness in Healthcare

Cancer treatment centers; pre- and post-surgery; physical therapy or other treatments; rest and recovery for patients, doctors, nurses and other staff; compassion fatigue support; and hospital and other waiting rooms.

TREND 3: Sound for Mental and Emotional Wellness

Integrating sound, music and acoustic resonance therapy into other healing modalities such as EMDR, somatic therapy, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, trauma therapy, IV therapy, ketamine therapy, sensory integration therapy, special needs children facilitation, depression support, PTSD and massage therapy.

TREND 4: Sound Wellness in Communities

Sound healing studios, powernap spaces and meditation pods growing in cities, wellness development communities, wellness smart villages, parks, schools and transportation.

TREND 5: Sound Sleep Environments

Supporting better sleep through sound healing meditation programs, sensory integration lullabies, and body/mind harmonization programs incorporating acoustic resonance /bio-acoustic/vibro-acoustic technology.

TREND 6: Sound Wellness for Human Evolution

Using sound, music and vibration/frequency awareness to expand consciousness. Uplifting our vibes  (body/mind and spiritual awareness) individually and collectively through the understanding of quantum physics and the universal quantum field. Drumming circles in schools, parks, and corporate team building events; harmonic choirs; gong baths; live music; and sound healing “edutainment” events incorporated into yoga, dance, other movement, fitness programs and community events.

TREND 7: Sound Digital & Remote Concerts

Connecting global communities. Sound bits incorporated into social media, podcasts and other online sound healing/wellness courses and events. More advanced technology for recording and broadcasting from home.

TREND 8: Sound Wellness for Elderly and End of Life Transition

Using sound, music and acoustic resonance therapy to help with pain management (physical, mental, emotional), body/mind and spiritual harmonization, and expanded consciousness in assisted living facilities and hospice.

TREND 9: Sound Awareness

Expanding research, education and consciousness around how sound frequencies can positively and negatively affect life on this planet.  How sound is impacting whales and other animals. Increasing regulation and monitoring of sea mammals when manufactured technology is brought to the ocean. How sound frequency is impacting the health of children and teenagers’ ears. For example, it is estimated that approximately 30% of teens today experience permanent hearing loss due to levels of sound. Deeper research and education around 5G technology and how that is impacting our overall health and wellbeing.

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