GWI to Release First Wellness Policy Toolkit on Physical Activity April 14

The GWI’s new Wellness Policy Series was born out of a profound reality: the private wellness market and consumer action alone cannot bring wellness to all and address our global skyrocketing health crises. Public policy is essential to fill the gaps. The series includes seven forthcoming wellness policy toolkits  (from healthy eating to wellness in the built environment) that will address the why and how of wellness policy. Why do we need policy action in that wellness domain? How can governments, businesses, communities and nonprofits take specific actions to tackle the key gaps?

The first toolkit on physical activity will be released on April 14 at FIBO, the leading fitness trade show held in Cologne, Germany. We direly need a policy movement on movement: 28% of the world’s adult population is physically inactive; physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death; 80% of teens don’t get enough exercise; and the pandemic made the world even more sedentary. The new, 50-page toolkit represents a first: not only outlining different types of policy actions that can support all people in getting enough physical activity but explaining how all health and wellness stakeholders can get involved.

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