In 2023 the Initiative for the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are producing a series of UN SDGs in Action, multimedia micro-papers which will each demonstrate how businesses and organizations are successfully aligning their commitment to a positive 2030 result.

The United Nations Sustainable Development goals are written and devised to bring solutions for some of the world’s biggest and most critical issues. We need to ‘move mountains’ to reach the outcomes set out on a governmental level and to reach these targets by 2030, and so, collective understanding and action is required and will take all of us to help to solve these imbalances and problems we face on a global level.

This month, the multimedia micro-paper is written by myself, Lucy Brialey, to share how World Wellness Weekend, the brainchild of Jean-Guy De Gabriac and now in its 7th year, perfectly aligns with UN SDG 3, promoting Good Health and Wellbeing around the world.

Some of the highlights from the download include

Key statistics – 140 Ambassadors around the Globe

Key findings – From 2 to 139 countries in 6 years

Report cardsAccess the 2022 stats sheet

Youtube videosAccess all videos here

Next Event– 15,16,17th September 2023

Go to the website

Read the flip book below

Since their conception, the UN SDGs have fascinated and inspired many people to get involved, including businesses and organizations who have adopted or integrated the goals into their own sustainability framework to give purpose to their actions.

Lucy Brialey, Founder of Sustainable Wellness




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