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Hydrothermal Initiative Resources – Related Studies/Reports/Published Articles 2020 – Hydrotherapy proven to be both preventative and therapeutic health treatment By Spa Business 2017 Briefing Paper The briefing paper is a snapshot of this industry sector including valuable information on latest trends, challenges and initiative accomplishments. Global Hydrothermal Forum Session Summary – Global Spa & Wellness Summit 2013 By Don Genders, Design For Leisure

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  Hydrothermal Initiative Collaboration Sauna Science Lab In this Hydrothermal Initiative Collaboration, leading medical researchers, scientists and sauna experts debated the role of sauna in public health and wellness post-COVID-19. Sauna experts Lasse Eriksen and Don Genders, chair of the GWI Hydrothermal Initiative and CEO, Design for Leisure, moderated the call. The lineup of researchers and experts included Mikkel Aaland, documentarist and host of Perfect…