Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative

2022 Trends

TREND 1: Touchless

Because of COVID, there is even a faster trend for “touchless services” which include halotherapy and float therapy.

TREND  2: Recovery & Sleep

Beyond respiratory disease management, there is a strong trend towards helping with “recovery” as a major new benefit of halotherapy which includes athletic recovery and post-illness recovery. The NHL Phoenix Coyotes are using Red Light & Halotherapy combined. Floatation, which utilizes epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) in an environment void of any external stimuli has been known to evoke a deeply relaxed state and improve sleep, amongst other benefits.

TREND 3: Stress & Anxiety

Following nearly 2 years of a worldwide pandemic, stress and anxiety is very prevalent. Salt therapies have been proven to help combat this with the abundance of negative ions produced by salt during halotherapy and flotation therapy.

TREND 4: Combo Modalities or Therapy Layering

A continued trend to maximize space and time in the spa industry involves combining halotherapy and infrared or halotherapy and redlight in the same unit; this is becoming a standard and preferred option. With the known benefits of salt, salt stone massage is also being used more now and traditional treatments are now being done in salt therapy rooms for maximum synergy.

TREND 5: Preventative

Because of COVID-19, people are very concerned about their respiratory health and hygiene and are therefore taking more interest in preventative options. This has led to a demand/trend for portable and at home halotherapy options—especially with devices that are small/easy to travel with.