Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative

2021 Trends

TREND 1: Touchless

Because of COVID, fast-moving trend to “touchless services,” which includes halotherapy and float therapy.

TREND 2: Recovery

Beyond respiratory disease management, a strong trend toward helping with “recovery” is a major new benefit/positioning of halotherapy.

TREND 3: Combo modalities

Continued trend to maximize space in the spa industry, so halotherapy and infrared in the same unit is becoming a standard.

TREND 4: Consumer

Because of COVID, consumers want traditional modalities available in spas inside their homes, so the home halotherapy industry is increasing significantly.

TREND 5: Portable

Because of COVID, people are very concerned about their respiratory health and hygiene as they travel, which has created the demand/trend for halotherapy equipment on the go—thus, the growth of handheld units.