World Mental Health Day

October 10

A positive cultural shift is happening, with global attitudes about mental health bringing the conversation to the forefront, while new research expands knowledge and resources. The World Health Organization established World Mental Health Day with the objective to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health.

Today, the nonprofit Global Wellness Institute (GWI) invites you to explore and share the many resources the GWI and our community members are providing to empower wellness worldwide by improving mental health and wellness.

The Move Your Mental Health™ Event

Ignite the positive connection between movement and mental health by enjoying the ten 10-minute workouts the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation posted online as part of their 3rd annual Move Your Mental Health™ event. From a “Propane Tank” workout with a former NHL hockey player to “Yoga” with a Harvard University student and founder of the international nonprofit GoYogi, you will find something to “move your mental health” in this video series.



Mental Wellness Initiative

One of 34 GWI Initiatives, the Mental Wellness Initiative led by Professor Gerry Bodeker, PhD, and Alina Hernandez is launching today an exploration of Mental Wellness and the Metaverse. Learn more about this effort and explore their resources as they bring together a network of global mental wellness professionals.


Wellness for Children Initiative

Christine Clinton, chair of the GWI Wellness for Children Initiative, and Andrea Jebb, founder of Junior Genius Global, are delighted to announce the first Children’s Mental Health Symposium to take place in Dublin, Ireland May 20-21, 2023.


Wellness Evidence

Visit the GWI Wellness Evidence portal to access evidence-based research and information on key aspects of mental health, ranging from stress management to art therapy to optimism to sleep health and more.


Mental Wellness Market Snapshot

A pandemic and future “winner” according to the December 2021 GWI report, the Mental Wellness sector posted strong 7% growth from 2019-2020 (then a $131 billion market). GWI research fellows forecast strong 10% growth annually through 2025, anticipating a $210 billion market.


Defining the Mental Wellness Economy

Read the first report that defined mental wellness vs. mental health, established the initial market size of $121 billion in 2019, and identified the pathways and market segments now referenced by policymakers and businesses globally.