What Dinner Will Look Like in the Next 100 Years, According to Scientists (and Sci-Fi Authors)Rejuvenation of woman’s skin could tackle diseases of ageing Bon Appétit, April 26, 2022 
The food industry is preparing for major disruptions to come, brought on by forces such as climate change and changing demographics. The resultant innovation is widespread, and concerns seeds, farming practices, technology, water, distribution, and many other areas. Innovation and the upcoming disruption are going to dramatically change the contents of our plates. Experts and science-fiction writers present their menu for 2032, 2042, and even 2122 – Bon appétit!  

How Nature and Extreme Wilding Can Reboot Our Minds (8 Nature Books to Change Your Life) BBC, May 11, 2022
Is it possible to reboot or ‘re-wild’ our minds by living a slower, more feral existence in harmony with nature? The BBC speaks to eight author-experts who think we can. Their new books argue that just as our natural environment can be healed, a new connection to wildest nature can heal our minds as well, particularly after a period of crisis or trauma.

How Many Friends Do You Really Need?The New York Times, May 11, 2022  
In many rich countries, loneliness has become an epidemic and a deep societal concern. This article examines what the science says about the number of close friendships (an essential factor in wellbeing) we should have. Friendship researchers think that somewhere between three and six close friends may be the sweet spot. The Dunbar’s number contends that humans are only cognitively able to maintain about 150 connections at once, which includes an inner circle of about five close friends ‘enriched’ by larger concentric circles of more casual friend types.

How Climate Scientists Keep Hope Alive as Damage WorsensAP, May 8, 2022 
Bad, and often catastrophic, news keeps piling up about climate change and global warming. In such conditions, how do experts keep instilling in their daily activities the hope and optimism without which their work cannot be done? First, there is always a pathway: “Hope is seeing a pathway, even though the pathway seems far, far away.” Second, “you just have to focus on these little areas where you can make a difference.” Third, use ‘agency’ because “steady collective action, such as the youth climate activism movement and voting, gives true agency.” Fourth, trust the science that “tells us that it is not game over for Earth.” 

A Striking Stat

An overwhelming 98% of US adults now prioritize wellness activities while on vacation.  

Source: 2022 Summer Travel Trends”: Hilton survey by Wakefield Research, 1,000 US adults, April 2022

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