Travelers Checking in at Fitness Resorts to Drop Pandemic PoundsCNN, August 2, 2021
After a year-plus of stress, boredom and depression (and too much self-comforting with food and takeout), studies show people have put on the pounds. So, from the UK to the US, more people are turning to wellness, fitness and weight-loss resorts—with many reporting that they’re now sold out.

Americans Are Willing to Take Pay Cuts to Never Go into the Office AgainBloomberg, August 3, 2021
Deciding whether employees who can work remotely may do so or not is becoming a real conundrum for small businesses and large companies alike. A new survey shows that many Americans would be willing to take reduced salaries, give up days off, or put in more hours for a job that offers a fully remote option (65% of workers were willing to take a 5% pay reduction to stay at home). What is true for the US is likely to hold for other advanced economies.

‘Clean’ Beauty Products Are a Marketing TriumphNPR, July 12, 2021
Clean beauty has obviously emerged as a major player in the booming skin-care market these past 15 years. The “clean” label is everywhere, and it’s the rallying cry behind cosmetic juggernauts. But as the demand for safe skin-care grows, so does the murkiness of the label. There is no formal definition of what types of products qualify as “clean” and almost no regulations of the label.

The Surprising (Wellness) Benefits of Talking to StrangersThe Atlantic, August 4, 2021 We’re often brought up to view strangers as threatening, but this article argues that we should instead see them as potential sources of comfort and belonging. Strangers expand our world, and an abundance of recent research shows that talking with strangers (“minimal social interactions” in the jargon) can make us happier, more connected to our communities, mentally sharper, healthier, less lonely, and more trustful and optimistic.

A Striking Stat
In the first six months of 2021, ClassPass’s users have made a nearly full return to in-person fitness and wellness experiences: 9 out of 10 of the most-booked classes/services are now in-person.

Source: ClassPass Comeback Report: Fitness and Beauty Trends 2021 (US data)Read key findings

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