An interesting new study from Brown University dispels any myth that positive outcomes from mindfulness-based meditation come exclusively from the practice because the more active ingredient seems to be the social factor of the instructor and the group. It’s one of the first studies to look at the role of relationships in meditation programs, and the person-to-person factors led to a more positive impact on depression and anxiety than the amount or type of meditation practiced. The researchers noted that it leads to questions about meditation programs offered via apps.


2 thoughts on “Wellness Evidence Study: With Meditation, the Instructor and Group Outweigh Amount or Type Practiced”

  1. So my take away is “If the benefits of mindfulness meditation programs are mostly due to relationships of the people in the programs according to this latest study, should the delivery of meditation through apps be placed on a scale of effectiveness?

  2. I am not surprised either about the study. As both a participant and a meditation leader, it does make a difference, unless there is someone not very experienced. I also found that since I am Religious Science minister for over 20 years, that participants in general trust that. I think also trust is a factor as well as the energy of the group… My experience has been that sometimes it is easier if you know the person leading a guided meditation. What often occurs to me is that at some point when I go into the silence, the meditation appears to have a life of its own. I would also suggest that you contact John Mee, who has been a researcher of consciousness. He and Dr. Dean Radin also have looked at what takes place when you go into an altered state. I would guess there will be a lot more studies to come, as even the power of a single thought perhaps may be in many more places than our current space time concepts would suggest.

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