Wellness Will Be #1 Driver of Consumer Spending Growth WorldwideCoresight Research
Coresight Research’s 2021 Retail and Technology Outlook looks at the key global retail and consumer trends for 2021—from how “doing good is good business” to how physical retail will change. Key prediction: Wellness will be the number-one driver of discretionary spending growth worldwide.

The rise of the wellness app—They’re everywhere, but they can’t address the real problem: the alienation of 21st-century workNew York Times, February 17, 2021
Many of us now spend a vast majority of our waking hours working, with the pandemic decimating the line between “life” and work. Wellness and meditation app usage (and employer sponsorship of them) has surged, but this article explores how, while wellness has become synonymous with productivity and self-optimization, it isn’t something that can be downloaded and consumed—and how corporate wellness strategies equate care with a Wi-Fi-connected bike rather than finding ways to work together and form new models of health and caretaking.

UK’s first yoga union fights for fairer share of £900m-a-year industryGuardian, February 4, 2021
As the business of lotus poses and sun salutations hits £900m a year in Britain alone, yoga teachers have decided they want their fair share. The UK’s first trade union for yoga teachers has been established with a warning that despite the “chai latte” image of their practice, many endure poverty wages.

A Striking Stat:
65% of beauty consumers now link the beauty and wellness categories together—and that conflation of beauty with wellness is even higher for men, at 75%.

Source: Ulta survey, 2021


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