At a recent press event, GWI researchers further expanded on its 2020 major research report: “Defining the Mental Wellness Economy,” the first study to size and analyze the multi-sector, global mental wellness market.

Said Sr. Researcher Ophelia Yeung, “COVID has brought mental health and wellness to the forefront of the global conversation, for obvious reasons. But even before COVID, our mental health situation was grim. Globally, more than 15% of people have diagnosed mental illness and substance abuse disorders, and some have estimated that this will cost the global economy 16 trillion dollars by 2030. But most importantly, poor mental health brings suffering to many people, families and communities, not only  in a mental sense, but in poor outcomes in health, education, employment, and also poverty, homelessness, and even crime and incarceration.”

The presentation took a deep dive­—the key companies and innovators—into the four sectors that make up the $121 billion Mental Wellness industry worldwide, which include self-improvement; meditation and mindfulness; brain-boosting nutraceuticals and botanicals; and senses, spaces and sleep.

This industry-defining research is available now for download here.


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