Expert Q&A: Nicola Finley, MD–The Wellness Disconnect for Black Communities

The GWI recently released a “Wellness in the Age of COVID-19” Q&A with Dr. Nicola Finley, who practices integrative medicine at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, and who worked for a decade with economically disadvantaged Black and brown communities there.

Dr. Finley discusses

  • How people of color have not felt sufficiently seen, heard or valued by the wellness industry—and how COVID-19 exposes why we must now double down on racial inequities in access to wellness.
  • How Black communities can have a very different concept of “wellness” than the one served up by the media.
  • How the spa/wellness industry could better serve women of color.
  • How this pandemic will change the wellness market.

Read her important insights here.


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