With our always-on work, sleep and recovery are undervalued. Our world is increasingly sleep-deprived, and insufficient sleep is now considered a public health crisis with far-reaching human and economic consequences.

So, for September, the GWI’s The Wellness Moonshot™ Calendar: A Year of Inspiration offers tips on how to get more sleep—from learning from other sleep-healthy cultures to companies implementing email blackout times and structuring work around employees’ circadian rhythms.

Check out the ideas here.

One thought on “The Wellness Moonshot for September: How to Get More Healthy Sleep”

  1. Thanks as always for the resources. You only realize the value of sleep when you lose it. I never had serious sleep problems until last month, but after that something went wrong. Here’s another selection of topical articles about sleep and bedtime rituals that I’ve saved for myself: https://www.flippingheck.com/weekly-round-up-noise-colors-bedtime-rituals-sleep-stages/ Perhaps this will help flesh out the information for anyone to whom this topic is important right now.

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