Diane Bégin, VP at APEX Public Relations and ruckus Digital in Ontario, Canada, shares how the APEX and ruckus teams have embraced The Wellness Moonshot CalendarTM: A Year of Inspiration. We hope their story inspires you to join this important call to action and share your journey with us.

The APEX and ruckus teams sharing the love on Valentine’s Day, during the heart-themed Wellness MoonshotTM.

It’s estimated that we spend 328 days in a lifetime socializing with friends, but we spend 13 years and two months at work. That means our workplaces have a huge impact on our individual wellness.

As agencies that value their people first and foremost, APEX Public Relations and ruckus Digital have pledged their support to the Global Wellness Institute Wellness MoonshotTM Calendar.

As one of the 203 organizations worldwide to date committed to creating a culture of wellness, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks for better health with our staff and with you through our social media.

A full moon in the lunar cycle is considered a peak – a time for illumination. Aptly, tips from each month’s theme revolve around each month’s full moon.

We’re super excited to be starting today after just having received our calendar!

Do however check out January’s awareness tips (full moon: January 21) such as having walking meetings and February’s heart tips (full moon: February 19) like taking in more nature through forest bathing.

March’s full moon on the 20th brings brain power through better sleep and trying new things!

Join us on our wellness journey! #wellnessmoonshot

Originally published at APEXPR.com.

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