Losing It in the Anti-Dieting AgeThe New York Times Magazine, August 2, 2017

This article details the agonies of being overweight — or running a diet company — in a culture that likes to pretend it only cares about health, not size.


If Everyone Ate Beans Instead of BeefThe Atlantic, August 2, 2017

Ecoanxiety, an emerging condition named in 2011 that the American Psychological Association describes as the dread and helplessness that comes with “watching the slow and seemingly irrevocable impacts of climate change unfold, and worrying about the future for oneself, children and later generations” could be cured by shifting to…beans. And with this dietary change, the U.S., for example, could almost meet greenhouse-gas emission goals.

The Science of Love: What Is It and Does It Last Forever?Wired, July 24, 2017

Wired has asked a neuroscientist and a biological anthropologist for their take on these questions. Both agree that love is not something that can be controlled, curated or switched on or off. Instead, it arises from the depths of our subconscious. The good news: love can last forever… and it’s all about survival!

Meet ‘Wellness Ted’: the ‘Knowledge-Free Nutritionist’ Taking Instagram by Storm –, August 13, 2017

Another example of the satiric media backlash against the more absurd examples of the “clean eating” and wellness movement… Meet “Wellness Ted,” self-described as a “knowledge-free nutritionist” (actually a journalist for Men’s Health) who has taken Instagram by storm with his send-up of evidence-free diet and wellness information from “maniacs talking garbage.


A Striking Stat:

One in eight American adults – and one in four under 30 – now meet the criteria for alcoholism. Researchers argue this dramatic upsurge comes from increased stress and despair.

Source: NIH, August 2017

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