“What Will Healthcare Look Like in 2030?”World Economic Forum, April 10, 2017
Rising costs combined with an aging population and increases in non-communicable diseases means that global healthcare needs to be “fundamentally reinvented.”

“Sleep Is the New Status Symbol”The New York Times, April 8, 2017
Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body. Today, it is a measure of success — a skill to be cultivated and nourished — as a “human potential enhancer.”

“How the Six-Hour Workday Actually Saves Money”Bloomberg, April 17, 2017
A Swedish experiment may have missed the bigger picture of how shorter days can mean long-term profit. In reality, working shorter hours results in healthier workers, which in turn, leads to higher productivity, reduced absenteeism and lower health costs. Maybe the solution to workplace wellness isn’t step challenges and diet contests, but shorter workdays.

“The Case for Being Grumpy at Work”Quartz, April 18, 2017
There is something sinister about the corporate cult of positivity.

“How to Remain Youthful in Middle Age (Without Resorting to Steroids)”The Telegraph, April 11, 2017
Not surprisingly, diet is key! So is good sleep hygiene.

A Striking Stat:

The wealthiest Americans can now expect to live 15 years longer than their poorest counterparts.

Source: British medical journal, The Lancet, March 2017. Read more about why:

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