By Thierry Malleret, Economist and Founder, Monthly Barometer
By Thierry Malleret, Economist and Founder, Monthly Barometer

Cuba spends only $813 USD on healthcare per person per year (versus $9,403 USD in the U.S.) – but life expectancies in both countries are almost identical. How can that be?

Two years ago, Margaret Chan, then director-general of the World Health Organization, looked at the data and called for the other countries to follow Cuba’s example in healthcare. As Cuba cannot afford to invest into advanced medical technology, it is simply “obliged” to keep its citizens healthy.

It does so mainly through a holistic approach to primary care, based upon a trusted relationship between patients and their physicians, and a very strong emphasis on prevention and medical education.

5 thoughts on “Why Do Cubans Live as Long as Americans at a Tenth of the Cost?”

  1. The reason is very simple, the cuban system have been designed to be near the patient, the structure begin at the town, so you can prevent better, there are an institutional information sytem about sickness, you can read while you are waiting about mama cancer’s or how to feed your baby in a old paper in the wall in front of you, for instance and more.
    Finally the cuban doctors have not enough equipment, they doing their work trying about symptmons, it is very strong and efficient, by another side the cuban people have access about a lot health information on media.
    It is a system created thinking to avoid sickeness, no to obtain beneffits from sickness

    A cuban

  2. After visiting Cuba last year it was obvious the stress levels are of a different kind in this country. There is no rushing around and we noticed people were very present with each other and with us. We found most people ready to play and have fun, if we were, they were. They have not been exposed to processed foods either, a bit factor in our poor health statistics in the U.S.

  3. It’s absolutely how you eat. Americans spend a big part of that 9400 $ of healthcare to correct and recovering the problems that are consequence of bad lifestyle .
    Poor countries has not money for healthcare but have not compromised lifestyle . Italy and Japan spend less of USA but live longer…because of correct lifestyle and correct diet

  4. THANK YOU FOR THIS INFORMATION. It is inspiring. I am sure that a personal, stable relationship to a health professional in your village, town or city, who has time for you and to whom you can talk is most helpful for staying healthy. There was a study in Germany that people often visit their MD because they want to talk to somebody.

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