For centuries, Europe has been way out in front when it comes to wellness – but other regions are quickly catching up. The Global Wellness Summit recently asked top CEOs from travel, spa, and beauty companies, economists and researchers to predict where European wellness is headed. Predictions ranged from European nations “legislating wellness” by taxing unhealthy products and a surge in new wellness properties across Eastern Europe to wellness resorts refocusing on deep nature, peace and authenticity.  

Read the 10 predictions from European experts



One thought on “What is the Future of Wellness, Spa and Beauty in Europe?”

  1. I think the future of wellness and spa is very bright in Europ. I take wellness trips all the time and the best ones i have experienced were in Europ. Italy to be exact. After a few fails I discovered Belvita hotels, and realised… they have the best hotels in Italy. Staff is super professional and friendly, so far I have only seen very well kept and beautifully decorated hotels with a lot of wellness programs as well as fitness and recovery after injury. They are all rounders.I didnt even have to choose between excitement and wellness. The man advising me suggested a wellness hotel that was in the mountains and so i combined skiing and wellness. It was a blast and I can recommend it to everyone.
    If you´d like to see for yourself, here is a link to their website.
    thank me later 😉

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