Global Wellness Institute tapped European experts, for forecast ranging from how European nations will increasingly tax unhealthy food/beverages to a coming boom in Eastern European wellness properties. DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT


The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), an annual conference for international leaders in the wellness industry, today released ten predictions on the future of wellness, travel, spa and beauty in Europe. The organization asked its partner experts in Europe – from CEOs of top travel, spa and beauty companies to leading economists and researchers – to forecast where wellness is headed in Europe. Predictions range from European nations increasingly “legislating wellness” by taxing unhealthy products – to a surge in new wellness properties (and discovery of little-known traditions) across Eastern Europe– to the vast European beauty market being rewritten by both wellness and high-tech approaches – to wellness resorts refocusing on nature, peace and authenticity. 

The predictions spark a conversation that will continue at the Global Wellness Summit being held in Kitzbühel in Tyrol, Austria this October 17-19. The theme of the 10th annual conference is “Back to the Future”, where the future of the wellness market will be analyzed through the lens of history, for both Europe and the world.

“Europe pioneered the holistic wellness concept, and it attracts more than half of the world’s international tourist arrivals, and is the largest spa, wellness tourism and beauty market in the world,” said Susie Ellis, 2016 GWS co-chair and board member, who presented the predictions today at the Spa Life International conference in Germany. “And while Europe has long been far ahead in wellness, other regions are fast catching up. The focus in Europe needs to be on the future and innovation.”

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