The GWI’s Initiative, “Wellness for Cancer,” tackles a serious problem: while the world is now chasing every kind of “wellness,” we need to grasp that we’re a diseased society. Cancer has become more prevalent, and people suffering from cancer are a big percentage of wellness and spa businesses’ client base. But far too few spas are trained to be the best for those who need it most: those that have, or are recovering from, cancer.

This Initiative (chaired by Julie Bach, executive director, Wellness for Cancer), steps in to fill that void, giving wellness businesses/spas a cancer-focused educational platform that trains staff, departments, and locations. The training also includes teaching mindfulness/meditation for cancer patients’ self-care. In fact, there are now “Wellness for Cancer” trainers on every (habitable) continent.

Learn about this initiative that helps spa/wellness businesses finally get more cancer aware and ready

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