On Feb. 17, at a very unique press event in Manhattan, the GWI released two related pieces of research on workplace wellness. 

1) “The Future of Workplace Wellness” (an 80-page report) analyzes everything from the realities of the increasingly unhealthy, aging, stressed global workforce to the state of workplace wellness programs worldwide. The report includes predictions on how both work itself, and workplace wellness strategies, will change radically in the future.

2) “The Power of Company Caring” – based on a GWI/Everyday Health survey of employees. The overwhelming finding: Overall, wellness “programs” are making little impact, but if an employee identified their company as actually “caring about their wellness,” their health and job engagement measures jumped MUCH higher. The report then identifies what most constitutes true company “caring” – and for both Millennial and Gen X/Boomer workers.

Both reports offer insight into why and how the workplace wellness “lens” will shift from programs to a wider culture change and more authentic caring for employees.

Read the press release
Access the in-depth reports

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